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We reproduce hereunder the contents of Circular dated 16.03.2009 issued by Com. K.Vijhayan, General Secretary, AIUCBEF, on the above subject for information of our Members.
Working Committee meeting of our Federation was held at Mysore on 14th and 15th March, 2009. Com.C.M.Patel , President of AIUCBEF presided over the meeting.

Circular No.12/09
Date: 21.03.2009
For Members only
Dear Comrades,


We reproduce hereunder the contents of Circular dated 16.03.2009 issued by Com. K.Vijhayan, General Secretary,  AIUCBEF, on the above subject for information of our Members.

“Working Committee meeting of our Federation was held at Mysore on 14th and 15th March, 2009. Com.C.M.Patel , President of AIUCBEF presided over the meeting.

On 14th:
The meeting commenced at 10.30 am. Com.Kini, General Secretary of  our Karnataka unit – the Host unit welcomed the members and assured that he and his team of oficebearers  have taken all the care to provide a conducive atmosphere for  the successful and meaningful conduct of the working committee.

Com.Vasanth Rai, former vice president of AIBEA and General Secretary of Karnataka Pradesh Bank Employees’ Federation inaugurated the meeting. In his address Com.Rai gave a brief account of the geographical, industrial and economic scenario in Karnataka State and about KPBEF. He also briefly touched about the impact of the Global meltdown on Indian economy. He expressed optimism that like in the past Bank Employees movement would be victorious in settling the wage revision and pension issues. He congratulated Uco Federation for all its role in safeguarding the interest of the Bank and improving the service conditions of the employees. He expressed his happiness over the role of the Uco Bank comrades in all the activities of the State Federation.

Com.Ragavendra, Joint Secretary of KPBEF from Mysore welcomed the participants and wished the meeting all success.

In the Official Agenda:
Com.C.M.Patel, President delivered his welcome address .
First the house observed two minutes silence as mark  of respect to the departed soul of Shri.R.Venkataraman former President of India and all those who passed away during the period including those who were victims of Terrorist attack in Mumbai.

The General Secretary then read out the minutes of the previous meeting held at Allahabad on 16th October 2008 and the same was confirmed by the house.

Placing a detailed note on various developments the General Secretary dealt at length on the following.

  1. The ongoing discussions on Pension and Wage Revision at the Industry level.
  2. Impact of the call given by the Federation on Health of the Bank.
  3. Results of the special campaign on Mobilisation of Savings account deposits.
  4. Impact of the agitational programmes on various demands of ours and the response of the Management there upon.
  5. Understandings reached on the issues like
    1. Manpower planning,
    2. Head Cashiers,
    3. Policy on Elevation  of Sweepers,
    4. Guidelines on Regularisation of Casual labours in Permanent vacancies of Sweepers,
    5. Half yearly closing allowance,
    6. Conversion of Over Draft into Term Loan and reduction in rate of interest on OD,
    7. Removal of debarment clause of Matriculate Substaff who are absorbed from the panel of daily wagers,
    8. Grant of Flood Loan to the employees in Orissa, bihar and Tamilnadu & Pondicherry,
    9. Increase in quantum on cost of uniform,
    10. Revised guidelines on IR meetings
  1. Recruitment of Armed guards .
  2. Substaff Promotions .
  3. Newly Recruited Clerical staff .
  4. Pending Request transfers .
  5. Problems encountered with regard to Retail Sales force and efforts of the Federation in resolving them .
  6. Complaints arising out of Health Insurance Scheme .
  7. Settlement with Officers  with a particular reference to increase in cost of News papers and introduction of new perks like development expenses to Managers.
  8.  Request transfer policy for CTOs and Head Cashiers- I selected from enlarged seniority Region.

The General Secretary also gave a detailed picture about the performance of the Bank in comparison with other peer group Nationalised banks. He expressed that our campaign on Health of the Bank should be further expanded and necessary follow up steps taken in the background of inadequacies being seen in the Top administration and the issues raised by us – curbing of Wasteful expenditure, control of generation of NPAs and lack of steps to motivate the workforce etc- are yet to bring desired response. He also felt that Units should continue their efforts in Mobilisation of CASA deposits  by involving the ranks  so as to ensure that the enthusiasm generated through our campaign brings desired results.

General Secretary placed on record of his appreciation to all the units but for whose enthusiastic and spirited implementation of the calls both on our demands and on Health of the bank, desired results would not have flown in.

Com.P.C.Basa, President of All India Federation of Uco Bank Officers (AIBOA) then greeted the working committee. He impressed  upon the units the imperative need  for   extending their support to AIBOA units. He said that AIBOA was given birth by AIBEA and hence it is the duty of the AIBEA units to take all efforts to strengthen AIBOA. He assured that what ever may be the factors that are responsible for some strain in the relationship between AIUCBEF and AIFOUBO the same would be sorted out for better understandings in the days to come.

In the Deliberations, that followed, all the state units participated and gave  a detailed account on implementation of the Calls of the Federation. Members mainly focused on the following:-

  1. Though the calls were given jointly by both the workmen unions, necessary enthusiasm could not be seen in the ranks of the other  union in most states.
  2. Complaints of lack of co-operation from a section of the Management in opening of new savings accounts in some Zone.
  3. Wasteful expenditures in the name  of Renovation, Modernisation , Travel , Boarding and lodging by the people at the top.
  4. Good response to our efforts through Special Campaign on Savings Accounts Mobilisation in many states.
  5. Timely Implementation of the understandings.
  6. Delay in setting up  Holiday homes .
  7. Problems   encountered in Health Insurance reimbursement .
  8. Canteen Subsidy .
  9. Violations in Request Transfers.
  10. Non payment of Armed guard allowance due to delay in getting the license.
  11. Request transfers of those absorbed from  Personal Drivers.

Members unanimously welcomed the settlement made on several pending issues and expressed hope that all understandings would be implemented as committed by the management. Some members wanted Federation to pursue our demand for restoration of over Time when employees are required to work beyond their working hours. Members wanted that Federation should take efforts to secure the  reimbursement of cost of news paper on par with officers. Similarly  there should be efforts to secure a fair deal on the demand of Canteen subsidy. Members wanted that Federation should ensure that there is no further delay in resolving the problems relating to Sales Force and CBS branches.

With this the day’s session was adjourned.

The next day on 15th …

First the Audited statement of accounts for the year ended 31.12.2008 was placed by the treasurer and the same was approved after some clarifications.

General Secretary then placed a proposal before the house seeking their approval for Co-opting Com.P.D.Singh as Vice Chairman of the Federation. The house approved the same.

General Secretary introduced Com.Paresh Nath Roy Choudhury who has now been inducted as Trustee in the PF trust in place of Com.Ashok Dutta.  While placing on record of his appreciation to Com.Ashok Dutta for his commendable role during his tenure as workmen nominee in PF Trust, he expressed his confidence that Com.Paresh would contribute his best and be successful by responding to the aspirations of the employees. President garlanded both of them.

Com.Suresh Sharma, working committee member from Delhi was honoured by presentation of a Shawl on his retirement from Bank’s services on 31.12.2008.

General Secretary then replied in detail to all the view points expressed by the members on various issues. He assured that Federation would not rest until all the understandings are implemented in letter and spirit. He assured that in the ensuing small committee slated to be held in the first/second week of April, efforts would be made to finalise the Manpower planning and  the guidelines for absorption of Casual Sweepers. He expressed hope that revised agreement on categorisation of posts of Head Cashiers  would also be concluded at the earliest.  He also assured that all the other demands like left over daily wagers absorption, canteen subsidy, timely initiation and completion of recruitment process, etc would be pursued right earnestly. He also expressed that the campaign on Health of the Bank need to be continued in  order to compel the management to take corrective steps in the key areas of Expenditure, control of NPAs and effective and inspiring administration etc. He also called upon the units to continue to create awareness among the workforce about the need for a collective involvement in strengthening the portfolio of Low cost deposits.

In the agenda on Organisation, General Secretary, while expressing his satisfaction over the enthusiastic response from several units and their successful efforts in mobilizing the membership from the new recruitees, he however expressed concern over the inadequacies seen in the functioning of some units. He also felt that all the units must gear up their machinery and take further efforts in bringing all those who are non-members under the flag of AIBEA with a sole objective of making AIUCBEF a more vibrant one to face the challenges of the future.

Participating in the discussions in response to the views expressed by the General Secretary, members pledged  due role of their respective units in achieving the goal set by the Federation. Members also suggested the following:-

  1. Federation should launch a monthly or fortnightly magazine in the form of News letter so as to circulate among all the staff publishing news of interest.
  2. Federation should consider launching its own website.
  3. Federation leaders to visit the units which are needed to be enthused and reach out the rank and file for enlisting their better involvement.
  4. All the units must ensure that all their constitutional obligations are fulfilled timely.
  5. All the unit leaders should undertake periodical visits to the branch units and enlighten the staff about the role and contributions of our Federation. 

Responding to the views and suggestions, General Secretary assured that Federation would take all and necessary steps towards achieving the GOAL by providing all and necessary support to the units keeping in view the above suggestions. He also listed out certain action points to be adhered by the units . (a separate communication would be sent to units).

Responding to the appeal of Com.Basa, President of All India Federation of Uco Bank Officers, General Secretary urged upon the units to take efforts to strengthen AIBOA units. Upon the request made by Com.Prameela, Assistant Secretary of our Karnataka unit representing women employees, General Secretary urged upon the units to consider sending minimum one women comrade to participate in the National Women convention to be held in Bangalore later this year . He also emphasized the need for involving the women employees in a big way considering the fact that huge number of women employees have now come into the Bank in the recent recruitment. 

The General Secretary then explained the reasons for the delay in releasing the appointment of workman director. He also detailed out the features of the new scheme under which henceforth the appointments would be made.  He expressed his hope that with in two months the appointment would be cleared.

General Secretary then thanked the Nagpur unit for taking pains in bringing out a Telephone directory of Working Committee members which would be very much helpful to the units. The telephone Directory prepared and printed by the Nagpur unit was released by Com.Vasanth Rao and First copy was received by the General Secretary.
Working Committee complemented the Punjab Unit for launching a web-site and congratulated them for this beneficial venture.

Com.Krishna kadam invited the Federation to hold the next working committee in Mumbai. It has been decided to hold the meeting at Mumbai on 30th and 31st of August 2009.

Paying complements to the Karnataka unit for the excellent arrangements they have made for the working committee he thanked the team of officebearers of Karnataka unit and the members of staff of Mysore branch  for their tireless work that ensured successful conduct of the working committee.
With vote of thanks to the chair the meeting came to an end.
Thus the working committee at  Mysore set the tasks and  tone for future march .

Contact No of Com.Paresh Nath Roy Choudhury
Department: (033)23348885 Res: 033-26224185
Mobile:        098303 70159

Visit our Punjab Unit web-site  you will find it interesting
With greetings,
Yours Comradely,


Inder Paul

PS;  - Interview of the eligible Clerical employees for promotion to JMGS I cadre under seniority channel shall be held on 27th  March, 09 (For Chandigarh Zone employees) and on 28th March, 09 (for Jalandhar Zone employees)

The cut off notional date of joining  for different categories  is as follows:
General : 21.05.80
SC : 06.07.82
ST  : 31.07.89

The list of employees called for interview is enclosed.  We wish them success in interview.
The results of both  merit and seniority channel is likely to be declared by the 1st week of April 09

PS:  Rate of interest on Society Loan:  it has been decided to revise the rate of interest on the society loan w.e.f. 1.4.2009 to 11.5% from 12%, which will be further reduced to 11% from 1.10.2009.

Rate of interest on Fixed Deposit Receipt will be 9.5% from 1.4.2009. However rate of interest on CD shall remain unchanged i.e. 10%

PS: As per agreement on 10th February 2009 with our All India Federation, the cost of uniform has been increased vide H.O. Circular No. CHO/PAS/04/2008-09  dated 20.3.2009 (effective from coming summer/winter season and the closing allowance will be Rs.200/- for clerical and  Rs.150/- for sub staff and Rs.100/- for sweepers.

PS: Process for promotion from Sub Staff Cadre to Clerical cadre shall be held in the 1st week of April 09.

PS:  Bank has written to the  Zonal Offices for recruitment of 343 Armed Guards on all India basis. Out of which 31 Armed Guards are to be recruited in Jalandhar Zone and 36 are to be recruited in Chandigarh Zone.  Process will be completed by 15.05.2009 

PS: Bank shall be issuing instructions to regularize casual sweepers latest by 31st March 09 and 25% of promotional vacancies and natural wastages as of previous year in subordinate cadre will be filled through elevation of sweepers.

PS: Pending revision of the existing norms status quo will be maintained in terms of number of Head Cashiers as of date and also the Head Cashiers will be provided in the new branches.

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