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02 Feb, 2022
 For the past three decades, in the name of new economic policies,
successive Governments have been pursuing and advocating banking
reforms measures like privatisation of Public Sector Banks,
encouragement to private sector banks, open tap banking license
policy, liberalisation of banking regulations, weakening, if not
dismantling, social banking, concessions to corporate defaulters,
weakening priority sector credit, commercialisation of rural credit, etc.
There is repeated and orchestrated propaganda from votaries of
private sector banking that public sector banks are not efficient, public
sector banking is no longer relevant, private banks serve the people
more efficiently, etc.
15 Jan, 2022
 Units are aware that last year, in July, 2021, Reserve Bank of India issued instructions to all Banks to introduce and implement ‘Mandatory Leave Policy’ in banks, wherein banks were advised to put in place a ‘mandatory leave’ policy so that the employees posted in sensitive positions or areas of operation shall be compulsorily sent on leave for not less than 10 working days in a single spell every year. This was being suggested by them as a risk management measure.
15 Jan, 2022
 All of us are observing that the new variant of Covid virus - Omicron is fast spreading across our country. In view of the increasing signs of surge in number of people getting infected in different States, we feel it necessary to caution all our unions and employees to exercise utmost caution in this situation.
30 Dec, 2021
 The Bonk hos decided to initiote Promotion from Subordinote Codre to Clericol Codre under Second Chonnel (Merit Chonnel) ond Third Chonnel (Seniority Chonnel) for the yeor 2021-22. Accordingly, opplicotions for promotion under Merit Chonnel ond Seniority Chonnel ore invited from the eligible members of stoff in Subordinote Codre.
20 Dec, 2021
  “ We convey our greetings and congratulations to all our Unions and members for the
massive success of our call for 2 Days’ Continuous Strike on 16th and 17th December,
2021. Reports are pouring in about the successful observance of the strike in all the Banks
and in all the centres. Employees and officers have enthusiastically participated in the
strike with total concern, full involvement and visible determination. That is why the strike
was an impressive success.
16 Dec, 2021
Our call for strike on 16th and 17th December, 2021
One more round of conciliation meeting held today

“Vide our Circular No. 20 Dated 08-12-2021 we had informed our unions and
members about the conciliation held by the Addl. Chief Labour Commissioner,
Ministry of Labour, Government of India on 08-12-2021.
As suggested and advised by the Addl. CLC, the IBA had convened a virtual
meeting on 10-12-2021 with our Unions wherein also we had reiterated our
viewpoints against the move of the Government to amend the Banking Laws
to enable privatisation of the Banks. We had urged upon the IBA that if they
would like the strike to be averted, then they should prevail upon the
Government not to proceed with the introduction of the Bill in the current
session of the Parliament.
In this background, the adjourned conciliation meeting was held today in Delhi
before Shri. S.C. Joshi, the Addl. CLC. From our side, representatives of
Representatives of BKSM, who have also served the strike notice, were also
From IBA, Mr. Gopal Murli Bhagat, Dy. Chief Executive was present. From the
Ministry of Finance, Government of India Mr. Sameer Shukla, Joint Secretary
and Mr. S.R. Meher, Director from DFS were present.
During the conciliation, the IBA appealed that looking to the present scenario
of the banking industry in the pandemic situation, the Unions may defer the
The Finance Ministry representatives explained that except the announcement
in the Budget, no concrete steps have been taken by the Government and
even though the Bill has been listed in the agenda, they were not sure when
and whether the Bill will be taken up by the Parliament and hence the Unions
should not proceed with their call for strike.
From our side, our representatives explained that in the larger interest of our
country, its economy and the people, public sector banks must continue to
play the leading role and measures like privatisation of banks are undesirable.
We also pointed out that the Unions have given the call for strike only because
the Privatisation Bill has been listed in the agenda and the Unions would be
inclined to reconsider the strike call only if the Government could assure that
the Bill would not be introduced in the current session.
We further stated that the Government must initiate wider discussions on the
issue with all stake-holders including bank employees, officers and the trade
unions before such measures are taken by the Government.
We also expressed our strong resentment that while the UFBU has given the
strike notice on the IBA and Government, and when the issue is seized in
conciliation at the level of Addl. CLC, the individual bank managements have
been contacting the unions in different banks and even the general rank and
file employees and officers and asking them not to participate in the strike
which are acts of unfair labour practice and in effect interference in the right of
the members of the unions to engage in concerted activities for the purposes
of collective bargaining and hence the same is prohibited under the Industrial
Disputes Act. We urged upon the Addl. CLC to advice the IBA to suitably
advice the member banks in this regard.
Since the Government and IBA representatives could not give any assurance
regarding the non-introduction of the Bill as sought for by us, we regretted our
inability to accede to their appeal to withdraw our strike call.
The Addl. CLC advised the parties to pursue the issue further so that some
amicable solution could be worked out to avert the strike and advised the IBA
to further continue the dialogue with the Unions. The IBA assured him that
one more round of meeting would be held with the Unions on 15th instant.
Addl. CLC said he would also hold one more round of conciliation on 15th
Comrades, it would be clear to all of us from the above proceedings
that the Government could not make any assurance as desired by us
and hence we need to go ahead with the strike all.
Accordingly, we request all our unions and members to move ahead
and make the strike action on 16th and 17th December, 2021 a total
02 Dec, 2021
 All our unions and members are aware that in a developing country like India,
where Banks deal with huge public savings and Banks have to play a leading role
to ensure broad-based economic development, public sector banking with social
orientation is the most appropriate and imperative need. Hence, for the past 25
years, from the banner of UFBU we have been opposing the policies of banking
reforms which are aimed at weakening public sector banks....
26 Nov, 2021
 We have already informed all our units and members that the Government has been pursuing their
agenda to privatise public sector Banks. In the Budget- 2021, the Government announced that 2
Banks would be privatised. Against this, bank employees and officers have already expressed their
strong protest by the massive strike for 2 days on 15 th and 16 th March at the call of UFBU.
26 Nov, 2021
  Winter Session of the Parliament is commencing on 29th instant. It is learnt
that the Government is readying to bring the Bank Privatisation Bill during
this session. Hence all our State Federations should gear up our
organisational machinery and get ready to implement the calls.
16 Nov, 2021
 “A meeting of the UFBU was held 12-11-2021 at Mumbai. Representatives of all our 9 constituent unions were present.
 1. Our campaign and struggle against attempts of privatisation of Banks: All our unions and members are aware that ever since the Government announced in this year’s Budget that two of the nationalised Banks would be privatised, we have been on the path of campaign and struggle against this move...
15 Nov, 2021
 The National Convention of Workers being held on 11th November 2021 at Jantar Mantar,
New Delhi at the initiative of Joint Platform of Central Trade Unions and Independent
sectoral All India Federations and Associations calls upon the working people to heighten
the ongoing united struggles to the level of resistance against the desperate pursuit of
anti-worker, anti-farmer, anti–people, pro-corporate and anti-national destructive policies
by the Govt of India which has brought the lives and livelihood of the entire people and the
country’s economy to the brink of disaster. The Struggle now is not only to save the rights
and lives/livelihood of people but also save the country’s economy and the entire
democratic system and the society as a whole from disaster and destruction being
engineered by the authoritarian forces in governance with the active support of private
corporate, both domestic and foreign.
06 Nov, 2021
 We draw your kind attention to our letter dated 15-10-2021 on the above subject. You are aware that what we had demanded for was improvement in family pension since the same was felt as inadequate. While the revised
guidelines with uniform 30% and removing the upper ceiling has increased the amount of family pension to most of the family pensioners especially at the higher grades and scales, the removal of minimum family pension is resulting in reduction in existing family pension to the some of the family pensioners. That is why we had pointed out in our above letter that the removal of minimum on family pension is adversely affecting the family pensioners at the lower pay scales. 
28 Aug, 2021
 UFBU CIRCULAR : Units and members are aware that in our 11th Bipartite Settlement / Officers 8th Joint Note singed on 11.11.2020, it was agreed therein as under:
31 May, 2021

Dear UCOites,
Today, we have announced the Q4 and Full year results of 2020-21 and before
we take a look at the highlights, I would like to place on record my gratitude to
members of Banking community especially UCOites for their selfless efforts in
standing by the customers at all times. COVID-19 pandemic has tightly gripped
our nation and continues to impose huge cost on the economy impacting
livelihoods of many citizens. I pay my homage to UCO Bank employees who lost
their lives due to coronavirus infection.
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