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18 Sep, 2020
Bipartite Talks with IBA today
03 Sep, 2020
 All our unions and members are aware of the committed standpoint of AIBEA that as an organisation we are totally opposed to privatisation of Banks as the same is not in the larger interest of our country, our economy and our people.
28 Aug, 2020
 Further to the signing of MoU on 22-7-2020, IBA set up two separate Working Groups for workmen employees and officers respectively to discuss and finalise the distribution of the agreed cost into various payslip components so that the
full-fledged Settlement can be signed at the earliest. A preliminary round of the meeting of the Working Group for Workmen was held on 20 th August, 2020 through virtual mode. IBA was represented by Chairman of the Working Group Shri Rakesh Sharma (MD&CEO, IDBI Bank), Shri S K Kakkar, Sr. Advisory-HRA, IBA and other members of this Small Committee. From our  side, we were represented by the General Secretaries of our four organisation. Since BEFI did not sign the MoU, IBA did not invite them to be part of this Small Working Group. 
11 Aug, 2020
 Central Committee Meeting of Punjab Bank Employees’ Federation was held on 9th August
2020 on virtual mode. This first ever meeting of the Federation online, was chaired by Com
P R Mehta, President Punjab Bank Employees’ Federation. Com Amrit Lal, Chairman, PBEF
also present among the members of presidium. Before taking up the regular agenda
tributes were offered with observing silence to the Galwan Martyrs, Com S B Kar, AITUC
leader and former General Council Member of AIBEA from Odisha, Com M K Mehta, veteran
leader of Gujarat Bank Workers Union and former General Council Member of AIBEA, Com S
V Dange, former leader of All India Union Bank Employees Association and former General
Council Member of AIBEA, Com Ranajay Bhattacharya, former President of Meghalaya Bank
Employees Association and leader of PNB Union, victims of corona virus, migrant workers
who lost their lives in the current pandemic,
23 Jul, 2020
 Congratulations dear comrades
MoU for 11th BP Settlement signed by UFBU
We convey our congratulations to all our unions and members all over the country. Yesterday the MoU for the 11th Bipartite Settlement has been signed. We congratulate the UFBU for this notable achievement, that too in the present pandemic situation. The MoU has brought out the basis on which the full-fledged Settlement will be signed shortly. The MoU is the outcome of the prolonged negotiations intertwined by agitations and strike actions in the last three years. There
were many doubting thomases and prophets of doom besides various inimical forces who were busy in spreading canards and negative informations but overcoming all these orchestrated attempts, the UFBU has now achieved this 
22 Jul, 2020
 Once again, there is news in the press and media about some reported move by the government on privatisation of public sector banks. It is unfortunate that at a time we are celebrating the 51st anniversary of bank nationalization and recalling their glorious contributions, such a news about Government’s thinking on privatisation of banks is being floated. Equally it is ironical that when AIBEA has release the names of 2400 wilful bank loan defaulters who all are private companies, the news is coming that Banks would be privatized which means that Banks would be handed over to these very same private companies who are the defaulters.
07 Jul, 2020
Units are aware that the following programmes have been given for observance of the Bank Nationalisation Day.
  • National Webinar on 19th July, 2020 ( Sunday ) at 5-00 PM through AIBEA’s Facebook Page.
  • Release of the list of Wilful Defaulters of Banks.
  • Circulation of e-Leaflets/Pamphlets in regional languages.
  • Display of Posters at Branches
  • Circulation of e-Posters through social media channels
  • Mass Petitions to Prime Minister
  • Badge Wearing on 20-7-2020 (Monday)
  • Virtual meetings / Webinars, etc. by our Unions/State Federations between 20th and 31st July, 2020
01 Jul, 2020
Notification for filling up the vacancies of Special Assistant have been issued for Branches in Chandigarh, Jalandhar and Haryana Zone(s) and Branches of Haryana Districts Functioning in NCR.
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09 Jun, 2020
Today, a virtual meeting of the Office bearers of AIBEA was held. Com Rajen Nagar,
President, AIBEA, presided over the meeting. Homage: The meeting paid its homage to the following:
• Com S V Dange, former General Secretary of All India Union Bank Employees
• Bank employees who died due to corona
virus infection:
08 Jun, 2020
For the past two days, a news items published in a section of the media is in wide circulation regarding some reported move on privatisation of some of our Banks as well as to permit more and more private capital into the banking sector. There is no authenticity about the origin of the news or confirmation of any such development. Hence we need not circulate these newspaper clippings which may result in avoidable confusion in the minds of employees.
08 Jun, 2020
Joint Statement by Central Trade Unions released on 15th May 2020
Fight Back Attempts of Draconian Changes in Labour Laws
Nationwide Protest on 22nd May 2020

The joint platform of Central Trade Unions in their meeting held on 14th May 2020 took note of the critical situation for the working people in the country during the Lock down period and decided to enhance united actions to meet the challenge. 
27 May, 2020
Based on the Indent placed by the various Banks, the IBPS has declared the results of the examination few days ago and allotted the candidates to various Banks. Total of 18,594 clerical staff were indented and now allotted to the Banks for being recruited during the current year 2020-21.
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14 May, 2020
 The tiger has knocked the door – Naked infringement of labour reforms by State Governments with open patronage of Central Government – We are concerned about the health of the working class under threat of Corona virus – Govt. is busy in enslavement of workers – Get ready to oppose


14 May, 2020
By now all our units and members would be aware that State Governments in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat have taken certain adverse measures which would seriously affect the interest of the working masses and trade unions.
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