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Working committee meeting of our Federation was held at KOLKATTA on 17th and 18th January,2016.
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Working committee meeting of our Federation was held at KOLKATTA on 17th and 18th January,2016. The venue of the meeting was named after late COM.EDWIN PERIERARA, former general Secretary of our Goa, who passed away consequent to a road accident. COM.K.Vijhayan, President of our Federation chaired the meeting. Meeting commenced at 11AM on 17th, with welcome address by COM.Sanat Gosh, General Secretary of West Bengal unit which hosted the meeting. 

At the outset meeting observed two minutes silence to condole the demise of Dr. Abdul Kalam, COM. A.B.Bardhan, COM. Edwin Perera and other departed souls. Minutes of the previous meeting held at Ernakulam on 31st May & 1st June 2015 were read by COM.S. Madhavan, Joint Secretary of Federation and the same was approved unanimously by the committee. General Secretary, COM. C. M. Patel then placed a detail report on the important developments Covering the industry, Struggles and strikes undertaken at call of AIBEA, ongoing campaign launched by AIBEA against banking reforms, performance of our Bank, activities undertaken by our Federation, features of agreement on conversion Sweepers as House keeper cum peon, improvements secured in various staff welfare measures, RECRUITMENTS, Compassionate appointments, young employees convention, relief work organized by our CHENNAI unit during the recent Floods, membership position, outcome of meetings with the management both at Apex and circle level, organization and the need for further steps to strengthen the Federation.
COM.Madhavan, placed details relating expenditure incurred for holding the Young employees convention and the units contribution from Bipartite Levy. In the discussions that followed, members from all the units participated and expressed their views on various matters concerning the Bank and members. Members while welcoming the settlement on conversion of Sweepers as House keeper cum peon and the consequential favorable expressed that expeditious steps are needed in the master of absorption of daily wagers. Views were expressed on the need for safe guarding the interest of the members who are assigned the duties of BH and ABH, Passing powers of Head Cashiers, functional allowance to house keeper cum peon when they are asked to perform daftary and cash peon work, deployment of surplus peons and house keeper chum peon, proper distribution of Clerical recruits, armed guard recruitment and request transfers, exemption in rotational transfer, non I implementation of understandings reached in GR meetings, deficiency in HRMS package, etc Problems faced in getting the reimbursement under new Hospitalization scheme. Members were critical on the way the Bank is functioning and losing its market share. Responding to all the views and suggestions, General Secretary explained in detail various steps being taken by Recreation with regard to the pending issues like PETROL REIMBURSEMENT SCHEME and Daily Wagers etc. He also explained the need for finding ways to adjust the surplus peons to leave way for resolving the Daily wagers 'issue. Around 194 peons are identified as surplus but could not be deployed due to the restriction put in the agreement. He placed the details about the Staff welfare fund and the efforts of the Federation in getting some more improvements in canteen subsidy etc. He assured that certain will deal with the problems like officiating in BH and ABH, distribution of Clerical recruitees, Request transfers etc, Hospitalization bills etc.
On 18th, the session resumed at 10 am on the agenda of ORGANISATION. President and General Secretary placed before the committee as to how they feel on the strength and weaknesses of the units, the situation prevailing in the industry and in our Bank as far as issues relating to employees are concerned, attitude of the Management, activities of other unions, membership position, and the need for positioning the Federation with more visibility and increased intervening capacity. They underlined the need for reaching out the members, particularly the new comers in the back ground of more and more experienced comrades superannuating and prospect of large number of new generation comrades coming in. They called upon the members to contribute to the deliberations and suggest as to how our onward March has to be in the coming years. COM. Rajen Nagar, President of AIBEA addressed the committee enlightening them with the new developments both at the industry level and on the labour front. He emphasized the need to resist the out sourcing and contractual employment so as to ensure that Bank jobs are performed by bank employees. Committee while acknowledging the contributions of COM. Namibiar, COM.NARADPAL, COM.P.K.Singh, COM.D.R.Gupta all joint secretaries, COM. Nighojkar, late COM.Edwin Periera -Working Committee members & COM.SUJIT GOSH PF Trustee, to the Bank employees movement in general and our Federation in particular, honored all of them upon their superannuation from the services of the Bank. They were presented with a shawl by COM.Rajen Nagar.
Participating in the discussions, many units, particularly young comrades spoke at length and expressed their views. Everyone agreed the need for reworking the strategies so as to make the Organization more vibrant. There was unanimity that Federation has been conducting its activities in a satisfying and inspiring manner. But it was felt that our achievements such as Covering all part time Sweepers into full time, Improvement in Compassionate appointments scheme, Holding loan, etc are not fully utilized to gain organizationally.

Keeping in view, the various views and suggestions of the members, Office bearers in a meeting held separately formulated a road map for achieving the organizational goals. The decisions and recommendations of the office bearers were placed to the Committee in the afternoon. The committee unanimously approved them. The details of final decisions and action points taken by the committee are under.
On the issue of deployment of peons beyond the prescription of the agreement (on House keeper cum peon) committee felt that in order to realize our long pending demand of permanent employment to daily wagers such an interim step might be necessary and accordingly authorized the President, General Secretary and the Secretariat to approach the issue carefully and ensure that such guidelines that may be required to be framed for deployment of surplus peons are within the acceptable limit. It was also decided that those who would be deployed should be paid more compensation and their repatriation to parental centre should be on the availability of immediate vacancies in the respective centre. Exemption to physically handicapped employees, ladies and those who are close to the Superannuation should be attempted. Committee further authorized the Secretariat to take appropriate decisions and steps when the situation calls for with regard to HEALTH OF THE BANK considering the emerging trend. Committee agreed with a suggestion for seeking recourse to organizational action when necessary for securing implementation of the understandings on Petrol reimbursement scheme, daily wagers, apply of adequate manpower etc.

On the panel of names to be sent to the Government for appointment of next workman director, committee unanimously welcomed and accepted the following names in the order of seniority to fork part of the panel.

COM. S.Madhavan.      Joint Secretary.        Chennai
COM. B.Vijayal.           Joint Secretary.        Chennai 
COM. S.A. Shipman.    Joint Secretary.        Mumbai 
COM.P.K.Vashist.        Working Committee  Himachal Pradesh(Huna)

On the road map for strengthening the Organisation the following decisions are taken for implementation.
All important communications issued by Federation shall be translated into local language and circulated by 
the units.Social media to be effectively used by the units and leaders to improve the communication between 
members and the union.
Federation will redesign the website and improve contents.
Federation will take efforts to launch MOBILE APPLICATION for the benefit of the members.
Federation will prepare updated service conditions to be distributed to new recruitees. 
Dedicated help desk and work force to be created at KOLKATTA through Staff union for effective follow up of 
issues pertaining to individuals. Medical bills with insurance company TPA, Compassionate appointments, 
PF related, problems arising out of HRMS pkg, other individual grievances referred to HO by zones. Etc.
Federation and units to actively follows up with respective circle and Zonal offices for speedy implementation 
of understandings reached in GR meetings.
Units shall hold their conferences where ever  it is due or over due well before the 15th triennial conference of 
AIUCBEF slated to be held towards the end of this year.
Units shall endeavour themselves in inducting as many young comrades as possible to groom them for 
future in active positions of the union.
To time the 15th triennial conference of AIUCBEF between August & November this year in Ambala. Units shall explore the possibilities of holding state level young employees and woman employees convention after the new recruits join -between June and September. Some of the office bearers of Federation shall be dedicated to take care of the interest of needy units like North East,Odisha,UP, MP. President and General Secretary shall, in consultation with Staff union, West Bengal identify an active comrade for appointment to the Pension Trust consequent to retirement of COM. Surjit Gosh, Pension Trustee.
COM. Partha Chandra, then briefly shared his views and that of the board with regard to the Banks standing and called upon the members to understand the situations and do whatever best that we can to strengthen the banks health. There after COM. Sujit Gosh, our nominee on pension fund brief the house about the position of pension fund. He informed the house about his efforts and the need to contribute more funds by the bank to pension fund. COM. Dhananjay Ganguli our nominee on provident fund trust gave brief account of provident fund position. He also narrated about his consistent efforts in ensuring increasing the repayment installments to 60.
Committee then adopted resolutions expressing its deep sense of appreciation and satisfaction over the role and contributions of COM.PARTHA CHANDA during his three years tenure as Workman Director the term of which will come to end on 15th February 2016. It was a turbulent time both for the Bank and for the work force and COM.Partha Chanda effectively played his role in safeguarding the interest of the Bank and the work force. Committee congratulated his commendable contributions. Similarly the role and contribution of COM.SURJIT GOSH as Federation s nominee in the Bank s Pension Trust are praise worthy, the committee felt. Committee conveyed is thanks and honored him.

In the evening at around 4pm, new CEO and MD of our bank Shri Takkar arrived to the venue of the working committee with a warm welcome from the participants. In his 25 min address he drew the attention of the house to various factors that are adversely affecting the health of our bank and impress up on the members about the need for everyone’s cooperation, contribution and support by quickly improving the casa in the back ground of threat regarding continuance of Iran account, need for all out efforts to reduce the menace of NPA to take bank to a comfortable position. He expressed confidence that bank would wither away the challenges and threats within a year or two. At the end both COM. President and General Secretary spoke in praise of the leadership and his team for all their pains taking efforts in hosting the working committee in the best possible manner. The entire committee gave a standing ovation and thanked the Staff union for the past excellence arrangements. With a resolve to carry forward the decision of the committee and with vote of thanks to the chair the committee came to the end.
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