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Retiree's New and Super Top-Up Mediclaimed Policy
Date 17/03/2015 14:07  Author admin  Hits 3775  Language Global
Our organisation since its inception has been making efforts & negotiating with Bank management for securing benefits for retirees and solving their problems.
In UCO Bank a Group Health Insurance Policy for retirees with spouse is in operation for an insure sum of 2 lacs at an annual premium of Rs.1890/- which you are aware of.

In View of increase in cost of Treatment of various complicated ailment and demand of modern medical facilities , the insured amount of 2 lacs is inadequate in many cases.
Considering the above aspects , our units in West Bengal proposed a Super Top-Up Policy for Rs.3 lacs to our insurer United India Insurance Co. Ltd, which has been accepted and is being implemented.
Salient features of the Super Top-Up Policy is Given hereunder:
1) Sum insured in Super Top-Up Policy is Rs.( 3 Lacs) over and above the threshold limit of (2 lacs)
2) Retired employees of the bank must be a member of the Health Insurance Policy  of Bank for retirees/or any other policy(threshold policy)
3) Premium for super Top-Up Policy is Rs.3618 (for spouse) and Rs.2281 (single)
4) In Case of Hospitalisation , if cost of treatment exceeds Rs. 2 lac (Excess of limit), the sum in excess will be covered by the Super Top-Up Policy
5) There is no restriction on upper limit of Bed-charges , Surgeons fees, Operation charges etc within the limit of Super Top-Up Policy.
6) Health check-up not needed to be a members of the policy.
7) Premium of super Top-Up Policy will be exempted under of 80(D) of the Income 
Is there any seperate identity card for super top up policy?
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