Bipartite Talks on Wage Revision Demands
07/06/2017 09:08 - admin
As informed earlier, the next round of bipartite talks was held yesterday at IBA office in Mumbai. In this meeting,
our full Charter of Demands was submitted to the IBA. The full Charter of Demands submitted to IBA has been
sent to all our units by separate mail this morning. A separate Circular is being issued on the details of the
discussions held with the IBA.

Mandate : During the meeting, the IBA informed us that while mandate has been received from all the public
sector banks, still some private banks have not given the mandate to IBA. As regards Foreign Banks, Bank of
America and Standard Chartered Bank have given the mandate. Others have not given so far. Our units in the
private banks and foreign banks are requested to follow up the matter with their management and ensure that the
mandate is submitted immediately. Any difficulty in this regard may be informed to us.

Data: Units are also aware that we need statistical data about number of employees in each bank, in each cadre,
stage wise, allowance-wise, population groupwise, etc. as well details of bifurcation of wage expenses incurred by
the Banks as on 31-3-2016 and 31-3-2017 for the purpose of negotiations. IBA has already asked all the Banks to
furnish the details to them. Many Banks are yet to furnish the same. Since meaningful discussion can commence
only with the availability of the data, we request our All India Bankwise Unions/Federations to follow up the matter
with their respective management and expedite the submission of these data to IBA.

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