Problems on account of demonetisation scheme
24/12/2016 05:25 - admin
Rise and Protest – Observe agitational programmes
As per the call of our organisations, already our Units have undertaken the programme of demonstrations in all major centres and met the local Executives of RBI to hand over our memorandum. We find that RBI is still not taking adequate steps and both banking public and banking staff continue to face problems.

Hence it has been decided to give further agitational programmes as under on the following issues and demands:

Issues and demands
Ensure supply of adequate cash to all Banks and Branches
Restore all ATMs without further delay
Stop favouritism in supply of cash to Banks
Ensure transparency in supply of cash to Banks
If RBI is not able to supply adequate cash to Banks, then decision should be taken to suspend cash transactions in the bank branches till sufficient cash is supplied to Banks.
Announce CBI Enquiry on instances of huge new currency notes with some big persons when branches are starved of cash
Compensation to family of general public, bank customers and bank staff who lost their lives recently due to demonetisation episode 
Ensure safety and protection of bank employees and officers by maintaining law and order in all bank branches to prevent harassment of bank staff.
Proper compensation to employees and officers for their extra work/late sitting done in the last more than a month.




28th Dec. 2016

Demonstrations in all centres



29th Dec. 2016

All our unions to address letter to Finance Minister, Govt. of India



2nd Jan. 2107

Badge Wearing by all our members



3rd Jan. 2017

Dharna before RBI or before a Bank in all State Capitals and important centres

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