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National Campaign Save Banks – Save Economy – Save People’s Money Oppose Bank privatisation
Date 08/04/2021 02:41  Author admin  Hits 51  Language Global
All our unions are aware of the UFBU’s call to continue and intensify our
national campaign against the Government’s proposal to privatise public
sector Banks. Our General Council meeting has given the clarion call to all
of us to implement the programme successfully.

 Hence all our Unions have to chalk out their plan of action to carry out the
campaign programme successfully at the respective States.
1. All State Federations to hold their physical or virtual meeting
within next 7 to 10 days.
2. Campaign Committee to be formed in each State
3. Names of Campaign Committee Members/Mobile No. to be
informed to AIBEA.
4. Plan to be chalked out to undertake and complete Signature
Collection in Mass petition as per quota given.
5. Petition should be got printed in English and local language in
large number.
6. Social Media Team to be set up in each State to carry on our
campaign through social media platforms.
7. Names of members of this Team to be informed to AIBEA.
8. All units to be advised to hold their mass meetings, Committee
meetings, District/Area meetings, etc. to explain the campaign
to members.
9. Various methods of campaign to be decided as would be
suitable in local circumstances.
10. District/Taluk/Town Co-ordination Committees to be activated
in every State.

Publicity materials like posters, placards, leaflets, etc. to be provided
to Branches on the details of the campaign issues.
• All units to be given their quota of signature collection. (example:
Minimum 100 signature per member and if there are 500 members in
a Union, then quota for that Union to be 50,000). Each State
Federation to decide looking to their membership, number of units,
• Mass Signature Collection at various public places, bus stand, railway
station, market, schools and colleges, big offices, marriage and other
functions where people assemble, festival places, etc.
• Street corner meetings, nukkad meetings, street plays, etc.
• Masks with our demand “We oppose Bank Privatisation” may be
supplied to customers and general public.
• Distribution of “carry bags” in prominent market places with our
demands printed on those bags (Bi-lingual): “Say No to Privatisation”,
“Save Public Sector Save Nation”, “Protect People’s Money”, “We
oppose Bank privatisation”, etc.
• Cycle rallies, scooter rallies, candle light programmes, etc.
• Meeting local MLA, MP, prominent persons, political leaders, trade
union leaders and getting supportive statements from them.
• While taking signatures in the Petition to Prime Minister from
important people, take photographs and circulate.
• Taking video bites from important people in support of our campaign
and circulating it social media.
• Handling over our Campaign Appeal to important customers in
• Customer Meets, Beneficiary Meets, Seminars, Workshops, etc.
• Campaign Stickers for scooters, cars, etc.
• Distribution of campaign leaflets through newspapers/paper suppliers.
• Display of Hoardings, flex banners in public places, big buildings of
banks, etc.
Comrades, all of us know the way the Government is moving. Hence our
campaign should effectively reach the people to create strong public
opinion. We appeal to all our State Federations and all our Unions to move
accordingly and make the campaign programme a success.
Please keep us informed of your activities in this regard.
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