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The 11th Conference of our union has been fixed for 9th July 2017 at Ambala Cantt and the following business shall be transacted :


- To adopt General Secretary’s report and audited statement of accounts of the union.
- To consider any resolution whereof notice had been served on the Executive Committee or any other matter recommended for consideration by the Executive Committee.

 -  To consider any amendment in the constitution notice whereof had been served on the Executive Committee.
- To elect office bearers and members of the Executive Committee for the coming years.
- To appoint auditors and fix their remunerations.




R.K. Walia








As per clause 20 of the constitution All the Central Office Bearers and Executive Committee members shall be ex-officio delegates to the conference and shall have voting right over and above the provision for delegates from the units of the Union.


Central Office is advising the units in this regard where the Central Office bearers and EC members are posted so that they are excluded to be elected as delegates by those units.


As per clause 20 of the constitution further every unit shall be entitled to send delegates to the General Body Meeting on the basis that there will be 1 representative for a group of every 5 members subject to a minimum of one representative for any one unit irrespective of its membership.

From the above it is clear that every unit irrespective of its membership can send one delegate but in units where membership is more that 10 they would send delegates as – for first 5 members 1

delegate and for rest of 6 one delegate for each five or part thereof. From this it is clear that if a unit has 6 or 10 members they can send two delegates and in case there are 11 to 15 members the unit can send 3 delegates and so on.


To elect delegates every unit shall call its general body meeting and the delegates will be elected by the members of the unit as stated above. Central Office should be sent list of delegates alongwith membership list with names and designation duly signed by the President and Secretary of the unit. This should be sent to Central Office alongwith list of delegates latest by 26th June ,2017.


We may make it clear that complete list of membership of the unit alongwith list of delegates is a must. In case any unit fails to send the list of membership alongwith list of delegates, the delegation of that unit will not be approved for participation in the conference. To enable the Central Office to prepare delegate cards and other material for the delegates, lists should reach Central Office latest by 26th June ,2017


We have already advised Unit Secretaries who have not remitted the conference fund earlier to collect Rs.1000/- & Rs.500/- from clerks and sub staff respectively and remit to same to central office latest by 20th June,2017.


Detailed Circular with regard to programme of conference is being sent separately.


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