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Date 26/11/2021 01:26  Author admin  Hits 670  Language Global
  Winter Session of the Parliament is commencing on 29th instant. It is learnt
that the Government is readying to bring the Bank Privatisation Bill during
this session. Hence all our State Federations should gear up our
organisational machinery and get ready to implement the calls.

  Already from the UFBU and also from our General Council, we have given
various campaign programmes.
All the signatures collected in the Petitions should be sent to our Delhi State
Further from the last meeting of the UFBU, the following programme has
been given:
• State-level Dharna in each State on any one day between 29th
Nov. and 4th Dec.
All State Federations should immediately move in the matter and contact
other unions and organise this Dharna accordingly.
• Dharna before Parliament in Delhi
This Dharna will be organised at short notice on knowing the date when the
Bill be tabled in the Parliament. All State Federations should take part in
this programme. (AIBEA office bearers, CC members, General Secretaries of
State Federations and All India Bankwise Organisations).
• All India Strikes
Strike Date will be decided by UFBU at short notice and hence all our units
and members should be got ready to implement the same.

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