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Greetings to all of you You have made the Strike a grand success
Date 03/12/2020 02:12  Author admin  Hits 437  Language Global
 We convey our greetings and congratulations to all our unions and entire
membership of AIBEA for making today’s Strike a grand success. Reports
have been received by us from various State Federations and base unions
about the enthusiastic participation of our members in the strike. In most
of the places the normal banking operations were affected.

 Demands of the Trade Union Movement: As everyone is aware the
strike call was given by AIBEA in support of the Declaration of National
Convention of Workers organized by the 10 Central Trade Unions on the 7
point charter of demands viz. 1. Cash transfer of Rs 7,500 per month for
all non-income tax paying families, 2. 10 kg free ration per person per
month to all needy, 3. Expansion of MGNREGA to provide 200 days’ work in
a year in rural areas at enhanced wages; extension of employment
guarantee to urban areas 4. Withdraw all anti farmer laws and anti-worker
labour codes, 5. Stop privatisation of public sector including the financial
sector and stop corporatisation of Govt run manufacturing and service
entities like Railways, Ordinance Factories, Ports etc. 6. Withdraw the
draconian circular on forced premature retirement of Government & PSU
Employees and 7. Provide Pension to all, scrap NPS and restore earlier
Pension, improve EPS-95.
Workers are the creators of wealth. But workers are being attacked
and deprived but those who exploit the workers are being given velvet
treatment. Hence this massive protest action to defend the rights of
working class. In a most undemocratic manner, labour laws have been
adversely changed. Govt. talks of 12 hours working in factories. Even
minimum wage is not being guaranteed. Workers in the informal and
unorganised sector are badly exploited. Women workers are being
exploited. Job losses are rampant instead of job creation.
Demands in Banking Sector: In this Strike we also focused our
important demands like Stop moves of privatisation of Banks, Strengthen
public sector Banks, Take tough action against loan defaulters, Recover the
huge corporate NPAs, Increase interest rate on Bank Deposits , Stop
outsourcing of regular banking jobs, Make adequate recruitments in Banks,
Scrap of New Pension Scheme for bank employees, DA linked Pension for
all bank employees including Co-op. Bank employees, and Revitalise and
strengthen Co-op. Banks and RRBs.
In the Banking Sector, besides AIBEA other Bank Unions viz AIBOA,
BEFI, INBEF, AIRBEA, AIRBWF, Unions in RRBs, Unions in Co-op. Banks
also joined the strike and the strike was a good success all over the
country. AIBOC, NCBE and INBOC extend their solidarity and moral support
to our strike. Unions in LIC and GIC also joined the strike.
In the banking sector, we find that the Government’s policy is privatisation
and unwarranted merger of Banks despite our vehement protests. On the
other hand, the main issue of recovery of corporate bad loans is being
ignored and concessions are being given to the corporates while service
charges are increased for the common people.
Strengthen Public Sector Banks – Do not privatise : Banks today
have about Rs. 140 lac crores of Deposits which represents the hard
earned savings of the common people. Public Sector Banks should be
further strengthened to safeguard this precious savings of the people kept
in the Banks as Deposits. But Government wants to implement their
banking reform policies aimed at privatisation of Banks and deregulation of
rules in favour of the corporates. If Banks are privatised, there is risk for
people’s money as private corporate owners will use this money for their
own business purpose and not for national development.
Allowing Corporate Houses to promote Banks is most retrograde:
Recent recommendation of RBI Working Group to allow big Corporate
Houses and Business Houses to promote Banks is unwise, undesirable and
unwarranted. The past history is very bitter. Govt. should not play with
the savings of the people. We oppose this RBI recommendation.
Donation of LVB to DBS Bank, Singapore: Instead of taking action on
those responsible for the losses incurred by Lakshmi Vilas Bank and fixing
the accountability of RBI in this debacle, the Cabinet has taken the decision
to donate this Indian private Bank to a small Foreign Bank. This is
indicative of Government’s policy to encourage foreign capital in Indian
banking sector. In people’s interest, this decision should be reviewed and
Our Strike – a Warning Signal: Today’s strike by more than 250 million
workers of our country is a clear warning signal to the Government that
their anti-people economic policies, and anti-worker labour policies are not
acceptable to the working class. Today’s strike by bank employees is an
expression of total solidarity and identification of bank employees with the
common cause of the workers of this country. This working class solidarity
is a fundamental principle of AIBEA and we are proud that we have once
again manifested our faith and commitment to the basic philosophy of
AIBEA and our conviction that bank employees are an inseparable part of
the working class.
Dear comrades, while we congratulate all of you for the success of our
strike, we hope that the Government will understand the massive
resentment of the trade unions and workers and change their policies.
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