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Dear Comrades,
We reproduce herein the text of the Circular Jointly issued by AIBEA-NCBE-NOBW-INBEF on the outcome of the discussions with IBA held at Mumbai on 31-10-2020. As would be observed from this joint communication, revised pay scales have been worked out as under.

 Clerks    17900  1000/3   1230/3   1490/4   1730/7   3270/1   1990/1 47920
Substaff 14500    500/4     615/5     740/4     870/3    1000/3                28145

Issues like PQP, Special Pay, Fixed Personal Pay, HRA, Medical Aid, etc. are being finalised. There would be 9 stagnation increments for both clerical and substaff at an interval of 2 years each. DA rate would be 0.07% per slab of 4 points over 6352 points of Index. HRA rate would be uniform for all centres all over the country as against existing 3 different rates.
DA will be payable on Special Allowance and Transport Allowance. Revision in duties/ powers and quantum of allowance of Special Pay posts are being worked out. In view of all these issues nearing finality, stage is now set for the final settlement at the earliest. Already fake news in the name of AIBEA, false news, half-baked news, speculative news, etc. are active in the
market. Other impediments are also being created. Hence all our units and members are cautioned not to be misled by all these attempts. Maintain unity and calmness. We cannot afford to divert our attention at this stage.

Discussions with IBA today
One more round of discussions was held today between IBA and four Workmen Unions viz. AIBEA, NCBE, NOBW and INBEF. IBA was led by Chairman of the Working Group Shri Rakesh Sharma, MD&CEO, IDBI Bank along with Shri Gopal Murali Bhagat, Dy. Chief Executive, IBA. We were represented by General Secretaries of our four Unions.
In continuation of the discussions held on 16-10-2020, we reiterated our viewpoints on the issues and demanded finalising the various components of payslip items within the overall agreed cost of Rs. 3385 crores. IBA also
agreed to the same and further agreed that the final settlement needs to be 
arrived at without further delay. 
Today, the revised Pay scales have been worked out as under :
Clerical: Rs. 17,900-1000/3, 1230/3, 1490/4, 1730/7, 3270/1, 1990/1,
Substaff: Rs. 14500, 500/4, 615/5, 740/4, 870/3, 1000/3, 28145.
Stagnation increments would be 9 increments after reaching maximum.Uniformity in periodicity has also been agreed upon. As already informed, DA would be at 0.07% per slab of 4 points over 6352 points of Index. On HRA, it has agreed that there would be uniform rate of HRA in all centres as against 3 different rates as at present. Other items like PQP, Special Pay, FPP, HRA,  Medical aid, etc. is being been worked out. Besides Special Allowance of 16.4% for both clerical and substaff, DA will also be paid on Transport Allowance. Looking to these developments and areas of understanding, the itemwise distribution under different components is being finalised. Revision in powers of Special Pay posts and increase in amount of special pay is under discussion and would be finalised. It has also been agreed to sign the Settlement at the earliest.
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