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“UFBU meeting was held on 31st January 2017, under the chairmanship of Com. K. K. Nair, Chairman of UFBU, at Delhi.The meeting deliberated on various issues confronting the banking industry, particularly on the developments taking place in the banking sector on account of...

   the various policy  decisions of the Government such as financial reforms, attempts to wipe out pro-labour provisions in the name of amendments to labour laws, the indifferent approach of the managements of some of the banks to the instructions of Government on the process of next wage revision of bank employees and officers, the voluminous bad loans in the Banks and unwarranted concessions that are being given to defaulters, etc.

The meeting took serious note of non-payment of eligible compensation to the employees as per bipartite provisions for the extra hours of work performed by them subsequent to implementation of demonetisation scheme as announced by the Government. Officers were

also made to work for long hours and on Sundays / holidays without compensation or with

notional payment. The meeting also took note of the resultant adverse effect of cost of demonetisation on the next wage revision, the inordinate delay in the appointment of workmen/officer employee directors in the Boards of many banks, the casual approach of

IBA/Government combine to the pension related issues, non-implementation of Compassionate Appointment Scheme on the lines of Central Government as approved by the Government subsequent to decade-long struggle by UFBU, etc.

The meeting also deliberated in detail on the imperative need for reimbursement of cost of

demonetisation to the Banks by the Government, adequate recruitment in all cadres and immediate introduction 5-day banking, removal of ceiling on Gratuity under Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972 and total exemption of Income Tax on Gratuity and Leave Encashment on retirement.

The representatives of constituent unions of UFBU unanimously felt that the recalcitrant/adamant approach of the IBA/Government/bank managements on the above main issues and demands needs to be resisted by resorting to agitation without any further

delay including call for One Day All India Bank Strike on 28th February 2017. Further, it was

decided that the General Secretaries of all constituent Unions of UFBU will meet on 5th February 2017 to finalise the agitation programme.

Accordingly, the General Secretaries of all constituent unions of UFBU met yesterday, i.e., 5th February 2017 at Mumbai. In the meeting, the representatives of constituent unions NOBO & NOBW have expressed their inability to participate in the Strike although they fully support all the issues. However, on the insistence of representatives of other constituent unions of UFBU, the representatives of constituent unions NOBO & NOBW have assured to consider their decision once again and advise their decision to UFBU in due course. It was

unanimously decided to launch agitation on the following issues and demands:


Ø Banking/Labour Reforms

Ø Government moves infringing Trade Union rights

Ø Outsourcing of permanent jobs


ü      Legitimate compensation to employees and officers for extra hours of work  performed

ü      on demonetization work

ü      Removal of Gratuity Ceiling under Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972 & Total Exemption of

ü      Income Tax on Gratuity and Leave Encashment on retirement

ü      Immediate appointment of Workmen/Officer Employee Directors in all Banks

ü      Early initiation of process of next wage revision of bank employees

ü      Pension related issues Improvements in Pension Scheme similar to RBI/Central

ü      Government including for past retirees - Extension of erstwhile Pension Scheme in

ü      banks in lieu of NPS - Follow-up of Record Note dated 25.05.2015

ü      Implementation of Compassionate Appointment Scheme on the lines of Central

ü      Government as approved by the Government

ü      Adequate Recruitment in all cadres

ü      Reimbursement of cost of demonetization to Banks by Government

ü      Immediate introduction of 5-Day banking

ü      Stringent measures to recover bad loans and accountability of top executives

ü      Criminal action against wilful defaulters of bank loans


We furnish hereunder the details of the programme to be followed by the  Constituent unions/affiliates/members:




Press Release at all State Capitals and major centres

(Common Press Note of UFBU, to be released by all unions)



Centralised Demonstrations at all Centres



17-2-2017 to



Dharna at all State capitals

(Date to be decided at State unit level)



Badge wearing and demonstration/rallies at all centres



Lunch hour Demonstrations at all centres





 Proforma of the Common Press Note of UFBU, to be released by all the constituent unions will be sent in due course along with the sample of Badge and Poster.

 Comrades, please make the agitation programmes including the One Day All India Bank Strike a GRAND SUCCESS. “

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