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 Central Committee meeting of AIBEA was held at Indore in Madhya Pradesh on 28th and 29th September,
2022 (yesterday and today). Com. Rajen Nagar, President of AIBEA presided over the meeting along with
our Vice Presidents Com J P Sharma, Com M M Rai, Com. Nandakumar Chavan and Com. Mohd. Nazir
After observing a minute’s silence to pay our homage to leaders and personalities who passed away
during the period, the agenda of the meeting was taken up for discussion.
Minutes of the last Central Committee meeting held in March, 2022 was presented and approved.
Developments since last CC Meeting : Reporting on developments since our last meeting, the
General Secretary explained that both at the international and national level, due to the persuasion of
neo-liberal economic policies in many countries including India, the economic inequalities are increasing
day by day and living conditions of the general masses and workers are adversely affected and impacted,
thus pointing out the increasing need to forge broad alliances to fight back these retrograde, anti-people
policies. The growing indignation amongst the people in various countries like in South America, Europe,
etc, has resulted in change of Governments, somewhere from bad to worse. Hence fighting for pro-
people policies and electing governments who can pursue such policies becomes imperative. He pointed
out that AIBEA should continue to be in the forefront of the common struggles against anti-people
policies of the Government and against the adverse changes in the Labour Laws. Trade Unions and
working class have to play pro-active role to initiate struggles for change of policies to benefit the masses
and workers at large.
Continue the movement against privatisation of Banks: He congratulated our unions and entire
membership for massive participation in the general strike on 28th and 29th March, 2022. He explained
the developments in the banking sector and the continued attempts of the Government to privatise the
Banks and highlighted the need to continue and intensify our campaign and struggles and to be prepared
to strikes at short notice.
Discussion on Residual Issus : General Secretary reported in details about the discussions with the
IBA held on 23-9-2022 on the various pending residual issues.
5 Days Banking : He informed that during the discussions the workmen unions have indicated to the
IBA that 5 Days Banking can be introduced with half an hour increase in total working hours per day, i.e.
from present 6 ½ hours to 7 hours excluding lunch hours and that the working hours can commence half
an hour early in the morning subject to no change in existing cash transaction hours.
Updation of Pension : He informed that having regard to the additional cost of pension pay out and
additional funding cost, Unions have informed the IBA to workout a roadmap for updation of pension to
all pensioners and in the meantime the case of pensioners belonging to 5th, 6th and 7th BPS period may
be taken up first to begin with. We have also asked the IBA to work out the additional cost each
settlement-wise so that a negotiated decision can be taken.
Charter of Demands: The CC had a detailed discussions on the recommendations of the Wage
Demand Sub Committee and CC members expressed their views on the same. After discussion, the CC
adopted the Report with few modifications as per suggestions given in the meeting. This will be now
taken up in the meeting of the 4 workmen unions’ meeting at Chennai on 6th October when the common
Charter of Demands will be finalised and submitted to IBA.
Fight for adequate recruitments – Call for Strike : The CC took serious note of the acute
shortage of clerical and substaff in the Bank Branches resulting in heavy workload for the existing
employees and affecting proper customer services. After discussion, it was decided to launch a struggle
on this vital issue and give a call for All India Strike demanding adequate recruitment in all the Banks. All
our Bankwise Unions were also advised to continue their bankwise struggle on this issue.
Fight back attacks on unions, employees and Trade Union rights - Get ready for Strike :
The CC took a very serious note of the increasing attacks in various Banks through victimization,
vindictive actions, violation of Bipartite Settlements and blatant resorting to unfair labour practices.
The meeting took particular note of the attacks in Catholic Syrian Bank, Sonali Bank, Federal Bank,
Bank of Tokyo, Citi Bank, Central Bank of India, Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, Bank of
Maharashtra and Canara Bank. The meeting decided that these attacks are not to be seen in
isolation as there is a clear method in the madness and hence AIBEA should step into the picture and
accordingly decided and authorized the Office bearers to give a call for Strike by AIBEA in all the Banks to
fight back these attacks and offensives.
Joint Struggle on demands of Co-operative Bank employees: The CC accepted the
recommendations of the Joint Office Bearers meeting of AIBEA and All India Co-op. Bank Employees
Federation to launch a nationwide campaign and agitation including strike on the following demands of
the co-op. bank employees:
 Revitalise Co-op. Banks
 Restructure Co-op. Banks from 3 tier to 2 tier
 Pension for co-op. bank employees
Change over from NPS to DA linked Pension Scheme: The CC noted that on the lines of our
demand for switch over from National Pension Scheme to DA linked Pension Scheme for post-2010
employees, State Governments like Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand have decided to switch over
to old pension scheme. Many other State Governments are also talking on these lines. Hence the CC
decided that AIBEA should start the campaign demanding change over from NPS to DA linked Pension
On demands of Retirees: The CC expressed its satisfaction over the improvement achieved in Family
Pension. However the CC was concerned to note the delay in updating pension of past retirees as well as
in making changes in the Medical Insurance Policy aimed at reducing the premium and to make it more
affordable. The meeting decided that these are causing anxieties to the reitrees and hence AIBEA should
take all-out efforts including independent initiatives so that an amicable solution is reached on these
issues at the earliest.
AIBEA Conference : The CC decided that the next Conference of AIBEA will be held in Mumbai on 13 th ,
14 th and 15 th May, 2023.
Resolutions: the CC adopted the following Resolutions:
1. Against anti-worker labour policies of Government and demanding repeal of
Labour Codes.
2. Against attempts of privatisation of Banks and resolving to resort to strikes if
Government takes any steps to amend the Banking Laws.
3. On Charter of Demands for the 12 th Bipartite Wage settlement.
4. Demanding adequate recruitments and resolving to go on strike.
5. Against increasing attacks on employees, unions and trade unions rights in
various Banks and resolving to launch agitation including strike action.
6. On early resolution of pension updation and changes in Medical Insurance
Policy to reduce the premium on the policy.
7. National Campaign demanding scrapping of NPS and switch over to old pension
scheme for post-2010 employees.
8. On demands of Co-op. bank employees.
9. Against privatisation of RRBs.
10. Demanding regularization of BCs/Bank Mitras as separate cadre of
employees with defined service conditions.
11. Demanding regularization of outsourced employees and payment of equal
pay for equal work.
12. On problems of Bank Deposit Collectors and their pending demand for
improvement in the Scheme and their remuneration, etc.
13. On the problems of Gold Loan/Jewel Loan Appraisers.
14. Against the setting up of separate HR Subsidy in SBI for the purpose of
outsourcing regular and permanent jobs in the Bank.
Madhya Pradesh Bank Employees Association had made all necessary arrangements for the successful
hosting of the meeting and the CC conveyed its appreciation for the good work done my MPBEA and
Indore comrades.
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