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 AIBEA commenced its journey in 1946 and we are now in the 75th year of our beloved organisation. During the course of this long arduous journey, improving the economic conditions of the bank employees, securing better wages and secured service conditions have been a constant agenda before AIBEA.

 In the beginning, managements were refusing to discuss and
negotiate our demands. AIBEA was forced to lunch agitations but all
these resulted in our demands getting referred to Tribunals. For
nearly two decades AIBEA was before one Tribunal after another.
The experience was not at all satisfactory.
Hence, in 1964, from the Trivandrum Conference of AIBEA, the call
was given to launch a bitter struggle demanding bilateral talks and
bipartite settlement. This resulted in AIBEA achieving the first ever
Bipartite Settlement in 1966.
Since then, there have been consecutive Bipartite Settlements in the
banking sector. Of course, there have been repeated attempts to
scuttle this bipartite mechanism. But we have preserved bilateralism
and bipartism all these years.
We are happy that in continuation of these efforts, we could achieve
the 11th Bipartite Settlement on the 11th November, 2020. This
Settlement is a landmark in many respects and is yet another
milestone achievement in our continuous journey.
This Settlement is the result of the abundant unity of our members,
inspiring militancy of our cadres, unflinching loyalty to the
organisation, unshakable faith in the leadership, and above, and
unfathomable love towards AIBEA.
While all the benefits accruing out of this Settlement are the by-
products, the foundation is that it is a bipartite settlement. Hence we
dedicate this Settlement to the hallowed memory of Com Prabhat Kar
and Com H.L. Parvana who are the architects of bipartism in the
banking sector.

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