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Benifit of five years as notional to VRS optees
Date 24/08/2009 14:30  Author admin  Hits 3389  Language Global
IBA has allowed additional five years of service as notional to VRS optees in 2000 vide their circular dt 17.08.2009 for revision of pension & arrears.  
vc sekar
It is NOT that IBA has allowed it. IBA has merely complied with the Supreme Court judgement dated 27th March, 2009 (infact, IBA preferred Review Petition which was DISMISSED by the same Bench of the Supreme Court on 12th August, 2009). As a Union, your circular should be carefully worded.
Yes. I also agree VC Sekar's comments. We, the VRS optees collective forum, fought in Supreme Court and won the case. We have spent enough money for the case and all other employees unions have strted claiming success, as if they got the arrears.
I heartily congratulate our VRS Optees Collective Forum for fighting the case and winning the same after such a long time. Now I would urge the Forum to see that the same is implemented at an early date. I would also urge the Forum that we should start some activities of meetings each other etc. so as to enjoy better.
Neeraj Gupta
My father was retired under v.r.s. in the year 2001. He opted for pension. After his death in 2007, my mother is now taking family pension not full at this point of time. Now, I want to know about the above mentioned judgment passed in favour of V.R.S. Optees 2000. I have sent my mother's claim in the Main Branch, Patiala. But I want to know that is there any other formality or documentation required and when will my mother get the money and how much it could be. My mother's latest pension is Rs. 7462./
dilip chaudhuri
As a VRS pensioner should i get the five year benefit if effective service is 19 years? awaiting reply
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