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XITH Conference - to be held on 9th July ,2017 .
Date 30/05/2017 02:46  Author admin  Hits 607  Language Global

As per the Decision of Central Committee it has been decided to hold XIth Conference at Ludhiana but conference postponed due to unavoidable circumstances.   Now in the meeting  of extended Central Committee held on 23rd April,2017 at Chandigarh a committee of four Top Office Bearers  constituted to decide the venue of conference and  it is to resolute by the committee that  conference of UCO Bank Employees Union(NZ) will be held at Ambala Cantt at the venue given below.



                             RAILWAY ROAD

                             AMBALA CANTT

 Comrades holding of a conference is a mammoth task and The time left at our disposal is very short and lot of work is to be done in this regard.  First of all we are to mobilize funds for the conference.  It is well within your knowledge that our organization normally do not collect any money from members except monthly subscription. Holding of a conference is so much expensive programme so, we require  lot of funds for this purpose , this time it has been decided to collect amount from our members as per detail given below:

 Clerical  (Including Special Assistants and Head Cashiers)                  Rs.1000.00

per member

 Sub Staff                                                                                                      Rs.  500.00

 It is first time we have decided to collect funds from our members, so that they may have a feeling that they are also contributor to the conference. It must be ensured that funds collected from members must be remitted to Central Office by 20th June,2017  by way of credit to A/c No. 01050100013635. All the office bearers/CC Members are advised to approach the branch Secretaries/Presidents of the branches in their areas to ensure timely collection and remittance of funds.

 We appreciate all those units who have  remitted the  Conference funds  in time and there are most of the units who have not sent Collection of Conference Funds to Central office  so all the units are requested to remit the conference fund  by 20th June,2017 positively.  

 As quite a large number of new comrades have joined us after holding our Xth Conference.  It is necessary that these new comrades must be apprised about the purpose of holding conference. Senior Comrades at branches are advised to  make the new comrades aware of the purpose and motive of holding conference.  They may be persuaded to participate in the process of holding conference.  They must also be made aware of the gains achieved by the employees by exhibiting their unity and militancy.  Conferences provide a platform to strengthen and enthuse a spirit of militancy amongst its members.

 Comrades 11th Conference is being held at a crucial juncture when bank employees are going to sign new bipartite  with IBA very shortly.  Besides the threat of consolidation and merger of banks, privatization of banks  at the behest of anti bank employees forces is matter of concern.  These all challenges can only be taken with unity and strength.  It is really a mockery, that Govt, in the name of increasing size of Banks is talking of merger and consolidation of Public Sector Banks, so as to enable them to compete the international banks, which have larger base.  At the same time, it is mooting with an idea of introduction small Deposit and Payment Banks, with a capital of Rs.100 crore. 

 Comrades  Conference is the only occasion where we can exhibit our strength.  Credit goes to UCO Bank Comrades for holding conferences with a unique success.  With the holding of every conference, our union emerges with renewed strength and vigour. 

 Units which have not yet held elections of their units, must hold elections and intimate the name(s) of elected Office bearers by 10th June,2017 to Central Office.

 Comrades from now onward, we shall be apprising you about the preparation and process for holding our XIth Conference  with a traditional unity and militancy.  So please  gird up your loins from now onward and put all your efforts towards the successful holding of conference.

 With Greetings and an appeal  to remit the funds as earliest as possible  onward to our 11th Conference,


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