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Our 10th Conference held at Jalandhar on 22nd February, 09- A Grand Success ľKudos to our members for showing exemplary discipline and militancy.
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Circular No.11/2009
Date: 03.03.2009 For
All the comrades deserve our thanks for registering their presence in the 10th Conference held at Jalandhar on 22nd February 09. The discipline and decorum exhibited by the comrades was appreciated by the entire leadership present on the dias.

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Com. Krishan Lal Nagar, venue for the conference was jam packed and audience remained spell bound till the conclusion of Inaugural Session which took more than four hours.  On the outset, lady comrades of Jalandhar Unit namely  Mrs. Shashi Bala, Mrs. Asha Dubey, Mrs Pushpa Thapa, Mrs.Yogita Tewari, Mrs. Saroj Sharma, Mrs. Ramesh Kaur, Miss Sonam Gupta and Miss Rashmi Goyal led by Com. Anil Raj Sharma sang songs praising AIBEA/UCBEU. Their songs attracted great applause from the audience.  Entire audience in the hall joined in singing the song sung by group paying homage to late Com. Krishan Lal


Then, Com. Amrit Lal, Chairman, Reception Committee, welcomed the delegates, observers and leaders of Bank Employees who came to Jalandhar, which is a city famous for publication of large number of newspapers, and famous Temple Devi Talab and Sports and Surgical Industry. He said that All India Radio Jalandhar, one of the oldest Radio stations, is situated in Jalandhar. The Doordarshan Kendra Jalandhar is not only telecasting the programmes for Punjab but is also telecasting programmes for neighbouring states of Himachal Pradesh and Haryana.  He said conference is being held at a time when the whole world is shaken from unprecedented  recession since 1930 in USA  leading to failure of financial institutions resulting in retrenchment of lacs of workers.  New liberal economic policies in general and reckless deregulation of the financial sector and the resultant crisis appears to be even deeper than the great depression of 1929-30. He said though every care has been taken by  organizing committee of Conference for the comfort of participants, he expressed hope, if there is any deficiency, august audience will ignore it.


Conference was to be inaugurated by Com. C H Venketachalam.  Since he was busy with negotiations with IBA on Bipartite Settlement fixed for 21st February 09, he could not come to Jalandhar. He assigned the responsibility of  inaugurating the Conference to Com. N. K. Gaur, Vice-President, AIBEA, General Secretary, PBEF and General Secretary, State Sector Bank Employees Association.


Before formal inauguration,  all the leaders were requested to take their respective seats on the dais.   Thereafter homage was paid by Com. N K Gaur, Com. K. Vijhayan and other dignitaries present on the Dais,  to leaders of bank employees movement namely Com. H.L. Parvana, Com. Prabhatkar, Com. Tarakeshwar Chakraborti, Com. D.P.Chadha.  and leaders of UCO Bank Employees Union  namely Com. S. Laxmanan, Com. Krishan Lal,  Com. Harish Babuta and Com. S.P. Chopra.


Thereafter, the family members of Late Com. Krishan Lal, who expired on 2nd of August 2008, after his continuous illness, were called on dais and honoured by Com. N.K. Gaur and Com. K. Vijhayan alongwith President Com.Inder Paul.  At that moment  entire audience rented the hall with clapping in honour of Com. Krishan Lal, who needs no introduction.  The moments were very emotional and sad also.  The family members of our late President Com. Harish Babuta were also honoured.   Comrades, it is a good and new precedent in our conference and appreciated by one and all.


Then, Com. N.K. Gaur delivered his inaugural address.  He while congratulating UCO Bank Comrades on holding their Xth Conference, acknowledged that though Com. Krishan Lal is not physically present in this conference but  his presence reflects in the way by which Conference has been organized by UCO Bank Comrades.  He thereafter enlightened the audience about recent developments in Banking Industry, particularly with regard to ongoing talks on wage agreement.  He said no doubt talks are going on  but bank employees should not live in complacency.  He flayed the fears of comrades and  said that they should have confidence in their leadership, who had  notwithstanding the fact, whether one Govt remains or go, have clinched    Bipartite Settlements in row and  he called upon the bank employees to be vigilant of rumours as in these days rumour mongers are in full swing.  Each and every day new rumours regarding conclusion of wage revision are coming in media/press.  Comrades unless there is any authenticated intimation from the leadership of UFBU they should not believe any rumour.


He said profit has been grasped by the capitalist and loss is to be shared from public fund. There is retrenchment of staff from industry.  He said only way to get out of present crisis is to increase domestic demand. He said govt is adopting double standard, it is providing bail out package to sick units, and the employees who have been deprived of their earnings in the wake of present day crisis,  have not been provided any sort of assistance. 


He also said that Com. Krishan Lal has baptized his younger comrades in such a way, that even in his  absence the conference is going to be a grand success


Com. Bant Brar, General Secretary, AITUC (Pb.), Guest of Honour at the Conference said that plight of unorganized labour class is very pitiable. He said AITUC is fraternal organisation of AIBEA. He stated that present day development is attributed to the public sector. He said  that due to mixed economy of India, the effect of recession is not so much on Indian Economy  as compared to the countries who were harping over total privatization policy.  Now WTO are advocating for assistance from states.  Thus it is partial nationalization. 


Thereafter, Com. Sudesh Kumar, Chairman, Punjab Bank Employees Federation, who remained associated with Com. Krishan Lal till his death, recalled the days that when management resorted to transfers of leaders of UCBEU including Com. Krishan Lal to  far off places, to weaken the unity of organisation but Com. Krishan Lal emerged more stronger.  Under his leadership, UCO Bank Employees Union has  achieved a lot and leashed consumerism tendency promoted by Capitalist market.  The uncontrolled privatization of public sector is the root cause of present day recession which is worst than 1930’s recession.


Thereafter, Com. K P Antani, Vice-President, AIUCBEF, Com. N.P. Munjal, General Secretary, Haryana Bank Employees Federation,   Com. Ram Avtar Sharma, Dy. General Secretary, AIUCBEF, Com. Partho Chanda, Secretary, AIUCBEF, Com. A.K. Kanthwal, Dy General Secretary, All India UCO Bank Officers’ Association, greeted the conference and appreciated the arrangements made by Jalandhar Comrades.


Thereafter, Sh R. Ganeshan, Asstt. General Manager, Zonal Office, Jalandhar  who represented Management of UCO Bank,  greeted the comrades on their holding Conference.  He also appealed the UCO Bank Employees to work for the betterment of organisation as well as for Institution also.


Then Com. Y. K. Sharma, Ex-Workmen Director, close associate of late Com. Krishan Lal addressed the members.  He said that now a days it is an era of Credit Cards.  One is spending lavishly despite caring for his resources  thus, leading to economic debacle.  He said AIBEA and like minded organizations have been taking stand in favour of strong public sector.   Present day economic crunch has vindicated our stand.  He said  the so called capitalist countries like USA have also resorted to partial nationalization by way of giving bailing out package to sick private Sector.  He said it is irony that while private sector is earning hefty profits, they are taking entire profit.  When they  due to their wrong policies are put to loss Govt. is coming out to provide them bail out package out of the revenue collected from the hard earned income of employees who pay taxes to Govt.  He said even present day Congress leadership has bidden good bye to Nehru-Indira’s Socialism and they are committing themselves to capitalist regime.  He praised the young leadership of UCO Bank Employees Union. He said that this set of leadership is competent enough to protect and nourish the rich legacy left by Com. Krishan Lal in the form of strong and militant unit of AIBEA.


Com. K. Vijhayan, General Secretary, AIUCBEF while addressing the conference has said that Punjab Unit  of AIUCBEF has proved his apprehensions wrong that after Com. Krishan Lal’s exit from the scene, it would be an uphill task to arrange such like occasions.  He congratulated leaders of Punjab Unit  for complete and magnificent  success of the conference. He said even AIUCBEF has not yet launched its own website, it is the Punjab Unit of AIUCBEF who has taken this uphill task and the website will be formerly launched during the conference.


He said  during the days when Bank was in red, SRP Plan was prepared by Bank, the employees of bank have cooperated in implementation of plan and as a result of their co-operation and hard work, the bank has not only come out of red but has gained a good place and is showing profit year after year.  He said that employees of UCO Bank at the one hand are sincere to their institution and on the other hand they are committal to cause of organisation.  They never lag behind following any type of call from their apex union.  He remembered 4th May 2003  when IXth Conference of UCBEU was held,  at the same venue where this conference is being held.  That conference was also overcasted by the sudden death of Com. Tarakeshwar Chakraborti, and this conference is also held at a time when only about 4 months back, our beloved leader,  Com. Krishan Lal breathed his last.  He said soul of Com. Krishan Lal might be watching the holding of this conference and he might be feeling proud of his comrades.


Thereafter, Com.  Vijhayan  informed that  AIUCBEF had given call for agitation from 1st February, but for calling of the meeting by  Management with  employees union, certain issues are clinched.  Main clinched issues are:


-         IR Machinery meeting will be held every half yearely and small committee meeting wil be held every quarter.

-         Assessment of  requirement of clerical and sub staff will be  completed by 31st March 09.

-         Regularisation of casual labour  in sweeper vacancies shall be finalized latest by 31st March 09. 25% of vacancies caused by promotion of sub staff to clerical cadre, shall be filled out of full time sweepers.

-         On demand of organisation for restoration of overtime, management has proposed to grant half yearly closing allowance at the rate of Rs.200/- for clerks, Rs.150/- for substaff and 100/- for sweepers.

-         Management has agreed to consider to the conversion of OD Limit into Term Loan at the fixed interest rate of 10.5%.


He also prevailed upon the rank and file that  programme on the health of Bank launched by AIUCBEF shall continue as declared.  He appealed comrades to bring maximum number of accounts under CASA.


In the era of cyber, UCBEU has taken a great step to prepare its own website, which will provide a link to the comrades to the various developments in the banking Industry, in General and organizational activities in particular.  Through this website with a click of mouse, one can have access to apex organisation, AIBEA, UCO Bank, AIBOA and ITSILVER.  The website of ucbeu is named as www.ucbeu.com  and when Com. K. Vijhayan alongwith Com. N K Gaur clicked the mouse to launch the website, the hall was filled with thunderous applause.


Besides leaders whose names have been mentioned above, leaders of fraternal organizations of bank employees i.e. Com Ravi Razdan, General Secretary, Dena Bank Employees Union, Com. Roop Lal Mehra, President, Bank of India Employees  Association, Com. G. K. Joshi, General Secretary, Central Bank of India Employees Union, Com. SPS Virk, General Secretary, Punjab & Sind Bank Staff Organisation, Com. Sushil Gautam, General Secretary, State Bank of Patiala Employees Union, Com Dev Dutt  Sharma, President, Union Bank of India Staff Association and Ex Executives of UCO Bank namely, Sh S.D. Uppal, Ex DGM, Sh I. M. Kohli, Ex Chief Manager also graced the occasion.   Sh Anmol Rattan Narang, Chief Officer, Zonal Office Jalandhar, Com. A.K. Ahuja, Chief Manager, Patiala and Com. Ashok Chopra, Gen. Secretary, UCO Bank Officers  Organisation (Affiliate of AIBOA) a fraternal organisation of AIBEA also attended the conference.  Conference was also attended by many officers and ex employees of UCO Bank. 


Thereafter inaugural session was declared closed by Com.Inder Paul, President and the house dispersed for lunch to be followed by Delegate Session at 3.45 pm sharp.




Com. Inder Paul, presided over the delegate Session and leadership of All India UCO Bank Employees Federation attended the delegate session.


Delegate session  commenced with presentation of General Secretary Report by Com. R. K. Walia on behalf of the Central Committee.  The General Secretary report contained detailed reporting regarding the developments/achievements/happenings in the organisaiton during the period under review.  It has a specific mention of irreparable loss with the death of Com. Krishan Lal.  The Report was approved by vote of voice.  Thereafter Com. H.S. Veer, Treasurer placed before the Delegates and Observers statements of accounts from the year 2003 to 2008, the same was seconded by Com. V. K. Verma and passed with vote of thanks.


The amendments in the constitution of union as contained in General Secretary Report were read by Com. R.K. Walia and were approved by the house without any change.

M/s Anand and Anand Chartered Accountants were nominated as Auditors for auditing the accounts of the union for the next term.  Same was also approved.


Resolutions on following issues were placed before the house by Com. R K Walia.


-         On our demand for pension for all and one more option.

-         On compassionate appointment scheme.

-         Bonus for all employees and officers.

-         On women employees in our Union movement.

-         Resolution on strengthening of AIBOA.

-         Resolution on the health of UCO Bank.


These resolutions were seconded by Com. Manoranjan Singh and passed by the house in one voice.


Then Com. R.K. Walia read out the panel of office bearers and CC Members fore the ensuing term before the house. Same was seconded by Com. V.K. Verma and approved unanimously by the house in one voice.

Conference ended with the vote of thanks by President.  He expressed special thanks for Jalandhar Comrades, who continuously cooperated Central Office in making such a nice arrangement, which has been praised by one and all. He also expressed thanks for all the comrades for maintaining Discipline and decorum during the conduct of the conference. 


We are confident that All the comrades must be satisfied with the arrangement and success of  10th Conference. 


With Greetings and  Red Salute to the unity and militancy of UCO Bank Comrades,


Yours comradely,



R.K. Walia

General Secretary

PS: Unit Secretaries/Presidents are advised to note that w.e.f March 09 subscription at revised rates i.e. Rs. 50/- for clerks and Rs.40/-for sub staff is  to be remitted to Central Office. Accordingly branches will receive requisition slips at the revised rate of subscription.  Authority letters, for authorizing management to deduct subscription at the revised rates, are enclosed which each and every unit must submit to the Branch Manager well in time and ensure that the changes are conveyed to Zonal Office also so that the change is effected in the salary of March 09. Also send a copy of the authority letter duly acknowledged by the bank to Central Office for our records.


PSIn the Bags delivered at Conference, biodata forms were placed. The same was to be filled up by the members but we find that large number of units have not submitted the same. Unit Secretaries should  get the same filled up from members at the unit and ensure to despatch the same to Central Office at the earliest.



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