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27th Death Anniversary Of Late Com. Harish Babuta Our Revered President Let Us Emulate Him
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For the sake of information and knowledge of new generation of UCO Bank Comrades, we give below the saga of a great leader of UCO Bank Employees Federation:
Com Harish Babuta was President of UCBEU till 22nd June, 1988 when he gave his life while he was taking care of his comrades’ problems by holding meetings at   B/o Khanna, when  an Armed Guard, of the branch who was member of a rival organisation shot our beloved President Com.. Harish Babuta from Point Blank range while he was coming out of our Khanna Branch, after listening to the problems of comrades of that unit. The news of his death spread like a bolt from blue and each and every comrade was shocked to know this.   In his death our organisation lost a great revolutionary, visionary and symbol of sacrifice, devotion and dedication.   Probably new Comrades might not be aware of stature of com Babuta and the role played by him in building present days’ organisation.  It is advisable for the Senior Comrades to  make the new comrades aware of  the sacrifice made by Com. Babuta, who  gave his life while working for the organisation.  The saga of Com. Babuta’s sacrifice is unparallel in the history of  working class movement.  For the information of our new comrades we give below the brief biography of Com. Babuta:
Comrade Babuta joined our bank in the year 1966-67 at a time when service conditions for bank employees were very hard, thereafter he was assigned organizational role by our beloved late Com. Krishan Lal, General Secretary UCBEU as he rightly judged the capability of Com. Babuta.  At that time nobody could dare to ask for his legitimate rights from the management. At that time he was a young man, having good physique and vibrant personality. He, immediately shouldered the responsibility assigned to him by the union when even talking of forming a union was considered to be a crime.  He was an example of dedication, militancy, due to which he became holder of key post of President of our Union. During his lifetime, he led our movement to glorious heights. We must have an endeavaour to follow his thought, his actions, in the present day scenario  when anti employees,  and capitalist forces are joining their hands to  negate the sole aim with which Banks were nationalized with a view to provide social banking.
Comrades now the management is again daring to say goodbye to management union  mutual relationship and is leaning towards capitalism/privatization/outsourcing,  We are in dire need of  leaders like Com. Harish Babuta, as in present era, Bank employees are gradually going to same old days when their time for coming to bank was fixed but leaving bank was not fixed. In today’s scenario also Bank employees have to sit late without any compensation/overtime.The rights  and privileges of Bank employees are being snatched one by one, by Govt. of India at the instance of World Bank Boses, notwithstanding the service conditions agreed for them. In these circumstances it becomes our morale duty to carry forward his message by keeping ourselves more united, more militant to complete the task left unfinished by him. Anti-AIBEA forces are also raising their ugly heads to  weaken our unity and strength. Thus  need of the hour is to follow the footsteps of Comrade Babuta..
All the members are request to pay the homage’s to beloved leader Com Harish Babuta in the branches 
Red Salute 

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