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Circular No.15/09
Date: 11.05.2009
For Members only

Dear Comrades,

We reproduce hereunder the contents of Circular dated 11.05.2009 issued by Com. K.Vijhayan, General Secretary, AIUCBEF, on the above subject for information of our Members.

“Balance Sheet of the Bank for the financial year ended 31.3.2009 was published by the Bank on 8th May. Consequent to this Zonal Head conference is convened and the management invited the General Secretaries of the Apex unions to attend the inaugural session of the Zonal Heads Conference along which the Apex level Performance Review Committee was also held on 10.05.2009. We give under the Highlights of the meeting for the information of our members.

Inaugurating the Conference, the Chairman and Managing Director placed the details on the Bank’s Performance. While he expressed his happiness and satisfaction over the gratifying performance of the Bank he also laid emphasis over the need for covering lot of grounds particularly in the key areas like augmenting the Low cost deposits, Control on NPAs and enhancement in the quality of Customer service. He also placed the details about the Corporate Plan for the current Financial Year and hoped that with the support and co-operation of the entire work force Bank would scale newer heights. He complemented the pro-active role of the Trade Unions and the entire work force.

Both the Executive Directors while endorsing the view points of the CMD have urged upon the Zonal Heads and the work force to focus on the development that would also improve the Profitability substantially. They listed out various areas of concerns and sought the indulgence of the Zonal Heads to pay increased attention to address those concerns.

There after a power point presentation was made on the High lights of the Bank’s performance and the Corporate Goals for the current financial year.

The General Secretaries were then called upon to give their response. As the first speaker the undersigned spoke at length on the under mentioned points.

It is time that we need to create awareness among the workforce as to how the other Banks of equal size and some among them having less business could make profit substantially higher than Uco Bank so as to create a competitive spirit that will go a long way to make our Bank comparable with the peer group banks.

Bank should consider organizing campaign on Mobilisation of low cost deposits leaving the action plan to the Zones as the Zones can organise it keeping inview the seasonal advantages. In other words there need not be a common All India Campaign which so far proved to be a ritualistic one. Such a campaign should be organised to serve the purpose.

In regard to the branches which are not up to the expectations – said to be more than 50% of the total number of branches - Zonal Heads should work out action plan for making them performing one by involving all the staff of the concerned branches.

In regard to Customer Service Management should identify the reasons and factors that are contributing to some customer complaints so as to ensure that branches are given needed support to avoid such complaints.

The General Secretaries of the other unions too spoke focusing on the above matters conveying their view points.
The Chairman and Managing Director in his concluding remarks assured that all the matters dealt by the unions shall be taken into account while deliberations in the rest part of the Zonal Heads conference.

Bank’s Performance during FY 2008-09





79,909 cr

1,00,221 cr


55,627 cr

   69,669 cr

Total Business

1,35,536 cr

1,69,890 cr


24,629 cr

   29,385 cr

Interest Income

 6,509  cr

    8,122  cr

Other Income

    772  cr     

    1,020  cr 

Interest Paid

 5,021  cr

    6,477  cr

Operating Expenses

 1,306  cr

    1,463  cr

Net Interest Income

 1,488  cr

    1,645  cr

Operating Profit

    954  cr

    1,202  cr


    542  cr

       644  cr


    412  cr

       558  cr

Gross NPA 

 1,652  cr

    1,540  cr

Cost of Deposits

    6.74 %


Yield on Advances


       10.67 %

Yield on Investment


         7.48 %


    1.86 %

         1.75 %

Staff Cost

    1.12 %

         1.06 %


   5.80 Cr

         7.32 Cr

Other Highlights:

  • CASA Deposits to be increased from present 24.02% to 26.36%.
  • Normal Term Deposits to grow by 25%
  • Core Deposits to grow by 26.48%
  • To focus on Retail and SME sector
  • To reduce the NPA level by 20% from the present level.

  • Substaff Promotions:

    It is informed that the proposal is waiting approval from CMD. WE have been assured that steps would be taken to issue notification before the month end.

    Sweepers- Regularisation of Casual labours:
    It is informed that it is in final stage. Bank will provide the list to the unions shortly and take further steps.

    Postings of Scale-I Promotees:
    Indications are that the annual transfer exercise for the Officers is under finalization. Requirement of Zones is assessed. HO may advise the Zones in a week’s time.

    Clerical appointments from the panel-Third batch:
    We are advised that all preparations are made and efforts are being made to release the appointments in a week’s time.

    Special Assistants:
    Grant of Additional Special Assistants (60) is not yet considered. Efforts are made from our end to ensure that the management honours the commitment as per policy.

    Wage Revision :
    Stalement in wage negotiation today .UFBU decideds to go on bank strike on 12 June & 2 days in July.

    Half Yearly Closing Allowances :

    Half Yearly Closing Allowances to Award Staff as Per Circular No.CHO/PAS/05/2008-09 dated 30/03/2009
    Increased to

    Clerical  staff

    Rs.200/-every half Year

    Sub-Staff(excluding  Sweepers)

    Rs.150/-       -do-


    Rs.100/-       -do-

    Conveyance Allowance :

    Conveyance Allowance to the blind and orthopaedically handicapped employees increased from Rs.200/- to Rs.400/- per month as per circular No. CHO/PMG/32/2008-09 dated 14/03/2009.

    Revision in the cost of uniforms for subordinate staff as per circular No.CHO/PAS/04/2008-09 has taken place.”

    With greetings,
    Yours Comradely,
    Inder Paul
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