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circulars 2013
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Circular No. 16/2013                                                                                                        Date: 08.04.2013

For Members only

Dear Comrades,


§         AIBEA – completes 67 years  – entering 68th year on 20th April, 2013

We advise all the members to observe AIBEA’s 68th Foundation Day in a befitting manner as per programmes decided by the respective Local Federations .


We reproduce hereunder the contents of Circular  No.27/07/2013/13 dated 14/03/2013 issued by Com. C .H. Venkatachalam, General Secretary, AIBEA, on the above subject for information of our Members.


After completing 67 glorious years of existence, our beloved AIBEA will be entering the 68th year on 20th April, 2013 – the red letter day for bank employees of our country.  We have been celebrating our founding day year after year, but this year, the founding day has a special significance.  Only a month ago we witnessed, the grandeur of the 27th Conference of our great organisation wherein we also explored new vistas and dimensions for our onward march to meet the emerging challenges of the ensuing decade.  We had also discussed about the seriousness of the challenges emerging before us in the movement.  We had resolved to strategise our activities, focus on the priorities and make our organisation more stronger in order to effectively meet the challenges of the decade.  We feel rejuvenated, more oriented and see great opportunities to further unite, to struggle and to achieve.  It is in this background of challenges and opportunities that we will be celebrating our 68th Founding Day this year.

LET US REMEMBER:  When we talk of our founding day, we cannot but look back and think of our founding fathers, architects and the pioneers who have built up our beloved organisation all these years.  We must recall the sacrifices of that generation of bank employees, who, by their unity, struggles and abiding faith in the organization, greatly contributed for the advancement of our movement in championing the cause of the Bank Industry in particular and working class in general.  It has been a story of finding it as mud and turning it into gold.  All the glory, reputation and achievements that we can boast of today are due to them.  Our red salutes to them.  Let us, as the proud inheritors of the movement, ever remain grateful and indebted to them all.    

LET US NOT FORGET:  In those days, the living conditions of bank employees were so pitiable that a sympathetic daily newspaper wrote in its editorial lamenting why there is no one to espouse the cause of the bank employees while even for animals there was a society for prevention of cruelty to them. Such was the exploitation suffered by the bank employees at the hands of the then managements.  Their wages were paltry, working conditions were insulting, working hours were unknown and job security was absent.  Hire and fire was the rule of the day.  Yet bank employees suffered in silence typical of their middle-class mindedness and only fervently hoped that things would change for the better someday.  They did not muster courage to think of doing anything as they were afraid.  A few who dared to think were victimised and finished off.  It was sheer anarchy and virtual slavery. Bank employees were like bonded labour.

THE TURN:  The situation prevalent was so intolerable that some employees who were working in the banks started not only to think but also dared to act. The freedom struggle was at its peak.  Working class and trade union movement was in the forefront, both, in the freedom struggle and in fighting for workers’ cause.   Inspired, these daring employees started forming some trade unions for bank employees.  It was the period of the beginning of the 1940s and the post-World War II scenario.  But some of them also realised that unless we unite at national level, it would be difficult to take on the offensives of the managements.  Employees also started to slowly realise that fear was no solution to their suffering and plight. The tide was turning.

BIRTH OF THE TINY PLANT:  Sensing this changing mood, some pioneers took the initiative and decided that an all India trade union organisation for bank employees had to be founded.   The result was that a Preparatory Committee was formed in November, 1945, in Calcutta.  And then, on the 20th April, 1946, AIBEA was formally launched in the foundation conference held in Calcutta. The vision was clear and their mission was loud and clear.  The sapling was planted.  It is difficult to fathom today whether even those founders would have imagined at that time that this sapling would grow into a mighty banyan tree of today’s magnitude and size.  But all this had come to pass because a few dared to act.

WHAT A WONDERFUL JOURNEY SINCE THEN:  The news that AIBEA had been founded percolated to the portals of here there and everywhere different banks and in different States.  Unions started springing up at a feverish pace.  Employees mustered more and more courage.  Their suppressed feelings of anger, helplessness and humiliation found expression.  They rallied behind the unions and bitter and prolonged struggles emanated in various Banks.  The Government and the bankers sensed it.  Banking which was till then a State subject, was brought under Central Government with a view to effectively ‘deal’ with the bank employees.  But this only added to the fillip and momentum of the movement.  Unity and militant struggles became the order of the day.  It started to yield results.  To begin with, it was Tribunals and Awards.  Later it transformed into unique bipartite settlements.  It did not stop with fighting for wages and benefits. Our movement blossomed into a patriotic organisation by fighting for bank nationalisation.  For the past two decades we have successfully resisted and thwarted privatisation of banks.  In struggles and achievements, we have played a pioneering and trend-setter role.  It is all due to AIBEA. It has become a cynosure of all eyes and it has become the owner’s pride and neighbour’s envy.

BUT WE CANNOT BE DROWNED IN PAST GLORY:    Our past had been glorious.  Our history is studded with struggles and achievements.  Our founding fathers are our inspiration and guide.  Com. Prabhat Kar, Com H L Parvana, Com.  Tarakeswar Chakraborti,  Com. D.P.  Chadha, Com. K.K. Mundal, Com.  N.S. Purao, Com. T.K.V. Nair, Com. A.V.G.  Nair, Com. P.K. Menon, Com. A. Sundara Rao, Com. H.S. Grewal, Com. Tushar Chakraborti, Com. Tara Das, Com. Ajit Bannerjee, Com. Rajender Sayal, Com. C.S. Subramanian, and many such others have been our glittering stars.  We have our living giants like Com. P.L. Syal , Com. Sushil Ghosh, Com. N. Sampath, Com. K.J. Joseph, Com. P.S. Sundaresan and others who have led our movement with grit and determination.  They sacrificed their precious present days for our safe tomorrow.  They have built up a tradition.  They have handed down a legacy for us to nourish and cherish.  They have bequeathed to us the tradition of unity and legacy of struggle.  Our bounden duty is to carry forward this worthy tradition and legacy and keep it alive.  This should be our resolve on  this Founding Day. 

MULTIPLYING CHALLENGES AND MULTIPLE TASKS:  When we are proud of the past, we know that we have to face many challenges.  Challenges to our jobs, our job security, job permanency, job conditions, wages and benefits, preserve our hard-won trade union rights, challenges to public sector banking and social orientation of banking policies - challenges to all that has been achieved by AIBEA in the last 67 years.  Government’s economic policies are surely drifting in favour of the rich and against the common masses.  It is overtly and covertly promoting neo-liberalism.   When trade unions and workers unite and fight against these anti-people policies, more and more attacks will be mounted.  Thus, it is a situation of multiplicity of challenges and multiple tasks.

REMIND YOURSELVES OF THE CONFERENCE TASKS:  It is in this background that our Conference had outlined our tasks.  To fight against attacks on job security, to fight for more recruitments and fight against outsourcing of our regular jobs.  To fight for the success of public sector banking, we have to fight against privatisation and banking reforms.  We have to fight against the avowed policy of the Government to issue banking licenses to corporate and business houses.  We must fight against the present model of Banking Correspondents.   We must expose the growing menace of bulging bad loans in the banks and the nexus behind it.  We have to fight to make banking a fundamental right.  Clarity of thought in our approach and strenuous struggles are the only way to counter these onslaughts. Militant struggles are the only way.  Our past would be our guide but present struggles would alone be the guarantee to success.

ENSURE A STRONGER ORGANISATION:  To fight as above, we need a stronger organisation.  We need to strengthen our organisation at all levels, from the apex to the grass-roots.  The task is to further improve and strengthen our membership in every Bank and in every State.  The task is to strengthen our AIBOA.  The task is to strengthen our unions in the Co-op. Banks and RRBs.  Our task is to improve the service conditions of our Daily Deposit Collectors.  Our tasks is to train and develop more and more cadres for the organisation.  Our task is to integrate the young employees into the militant path of our trade unions.  Our task is to integrate our movement more and more with the general trade union movement and their struggles. To sum up, our task is to strengthen AIBEA. 

Celebrate the 68th Founding Day of AIBEA.

AIBEA richly deserves to be glorified and celebrated.

We need to go forward, and for that, we have to take AIBEA forward.

Let us take the pledge to hold our flag ever aloft.

  With Greetings,

  Yours comradely,



 Inder Paul



Ps: Badges and Poster are being sent alongwith this circular.




Circular No. 14/2013                                                                                                        Date: 20.03.2013

For Members only

Dear Comrades,




We reproduce hereunder the contents of  Circular dated 19/03/2013 issued by Com. C .M. Patel, General Secretary,  AIUCBEF ,on the above subject for information of our Members.


“We are overwhelmed,

We are excited,

We are thrilled, We are Energised , We are Enthused....



On 15th March, the day when AIUCBEF completed its 50 successful years of existence the curtain raiser of the function was held.

At 4.30 PM, more than 1000 comrades - nearly 700 of them from various parts of the country, representing all our affiliated units assembled in the main venue - CALCUTTA UNIVERSITY CENTENARY HALL with lot of enthusiasm and celebrating mood.


Com.P.D.Singh, Vice Chairman of Federation was in the Chair in the absence of  .Com. Shyam Gopal Das ,Chairman who could not attend due to his health conditions.


Com. Badal Battacharjee, President of the RECEPTION COMMITTEE welcomed the gathering.


Com. Rajan Nagar, President of AIBEA who is also General Secretary of BPBEA ,in his inaugural address congratulated the AIUCBEF for its successful and meaningful Journey of 50 glorious years. He recalled various activities and achievements made by AIUCBEF duing the period of 50 years and complimented the Leaders and Ranks for their due role and contribution to the BANK EMPLOYEES' movement under the banner of AIBEA. He called upon the members to remain conscious of the impending and ever increasing challenges before the Nation at large and Bank Employees movement in particular. He expressed confidence that with the ever dedicated members and units , AIUCBEF will accomplish the Task as expected of by AIBEA.


Com. C.M.Patel, General Secretary delivered vote of thanks.


Followed by the above, a visual presentation was made though POWER POINT TOOL on “THE JOURNEY (OF AIUCBEF) THAT WAS” by Com. K. Vijhayan our President. In the ONE HOUR THIRTIFIVE MINUTES presentation starting from the Bank' Birth in 1943, Birth of AIBEA in 1946, the back ground in which the Unions were formed in our Bank in 1950s, birth of AIUCBEF in 1963, the History of formation of affiliates in various states, various Struggles undertaken by AIUCBEF, Achievements made, Challenges encountered and Role and Contribution of AIUCBEF in the development of the


INSTITUTION etc formed part of the Presentation. Participants were highly appreciative of this innovative effort of the Federation.


AT the end, a CULTURAL PROGRAMME - DANCES OF INDIA, organized by the Reception Committee enthralled the Participants. It was so entertaining and colorful that every one enjoyed the Programme which depicted the rich cultural heritage of various Regions of INDIA. The Programme was designed and directed by the leading personalities in the field namely Shri.Kohinoor Sen Barat and Sujoy Thakur.


On 16th March,2013 - the Foundation day of AIUCBEF.

AT 3 PM. A Colourful PROCESSION starting from the Birth place of THE UNITED COMMERCIAL BANK LIMITED IN 1943 - INDIA EXCHANGE PLACE commenced with the participation of more than 1000 Comrades holding aloft the 50 Flags, respective statewide units banner and nonstop sloganeering all through. It took half an hour for the procession to cross a point. All through the entire stretch of nearly two kilometers through which the procession passed through, people assembled in large number and eagerly watched. A folk dance team which performed throughout the procession added Colour to it.  The enthusiastic participants filled the air by slogans like AIBEA ZINDABAD, AIUCBEF ZINDABAD, AIUCBEF MARCH ON .  The procession reached the VENUE - CALCUTTA UNIVERSITY CENTENARY HALL at around 3.45 pm .


At 4.45 PM, the GRAND FINALE SPECIAL MEETING commenced. Com.P.D.Singh was in the chair.


The Chairman of the Reception Committee, Com. Kamal Battacharjee Welcomed the gathering.


Com. B.S.Rambabu, Secretary of AIBEA Delivered Key Note Address Congratulating AIUCBEF. Congratulating AIUCBEF for its Glorious innings, in his 45 minutes long Speech, he highlighted the path the Bank Employees Movement has travelled all these years under the banner of AIBEA. He outlined the issues that are confronting the Nation and the Banking Industry. He listed out the challenges before the Bank employees’ movement and expressed confidence that AIUCBEF and its members would raise upto the situation. He then laid emphasis that every one should play their due role and contribute to the progress and prosperity of the Bank, keeping the sole objective of placing UCO Bank in a prime position in the Industry. He reminded that   RIGHTS and PRIVILEGES should automatically flow to the employees once the Institution becomes vibrant and strong. Expressing confidence that AIUCBEF would dedicate itself in this task, he assured that AIBEA would stand by the employees of UCO Bank in all their struggles.


Com. C. M. Patel, General Secretary, briefly dealt on the Journey of AIUCBEF in various periods. Listing out the struggles and achievements, he explained as to how the Federation has been playing pro-active role in the development of the Institution. He gave a detailed account of the challenges, threats and difficult situations during this long period of its Journey. He recalled the contributions of several leaders in founding, building and strengthening our movement.


Then the Chief Guest, Shri.Arun Kaul, Chairman and Managing Director of UCO Bank , greeted the gathering. He praised the AIUCBEF for its role and contribution towards the


Institution whenever the Bank faced difficult situations. He also complimented the Federation and its units for identifying with numerous social causes during the period of

Golden Jubilee year. He then outlined the achievements of the Bank in the areas like CASA deposits, acquisition of New Customers, Technology, etc. He expressed satisfaction over the Record Operation Profit. He however shared his concern over the rising level of NPA which has a dent in Net Profit. He called upon the employees to actively participate in the areas of Retail Business, Recovery of Bad loans, Customer service etc so as to take the Bank forward.


Guests of Honor, Shri. N. Badrinarayanan and Shri. S.Chandrasekharan   Executive Directors of UCO Bank greeted the participants. Shri. N. Badrinarayanan expressed his happiness over the achievements of AIUCBEF and called upon the workforce to be more vigilant and alert in preventing Frauds. He was confident that even though Bank is passing through difficult phase due to overall economic conditions in the country, yet it is all set to tide over the difficulties in the coming months. He thanked the members for their involvement and cooperation. Shri. S.Chandrasekharan while greeting and complementing the AIUCBEF for its meaningful journey, laid emphasis on the increased role of the workforce in minimizing Customer complaints by giving top priority to the Customer service.


Com.P.C.Basa, General Secretary, in his greetings thanked the role of Federation and its units in strengthening the movement of Officers under the banner of AIBOA.


COM. Joy Deb Das Gupta, General Secretary of UCBEA (BEFI) greeted the gathering emphasizing the need for continued interaction and understanding between the two Unions of workmen.


As Part of the Celebrations, Federation HONOURED all the Past and Present Leaders.


Then, as part of our endeavour towards SOCIAL CAUSE, an amount of Rs. 25000. was donated to a social organization named “MANAS” for their new project named “ONCO LINK” . Under this project they are going to build a hospital-cum-recuperative centre for Palliative Cancer treatment. In the initial stage of its journey, it was Com. Tarakeswar Chakraborty who extended all help to this organization for building a hospital-cum-home for mentally retarded patients, 75 KMs away from Kolkata. In this auspicious occasion of AIUCBEF we have associated with this noble cause by donating a humble amount through the hands of our CMD, Shri Arun Kaul.


Com. Ram Avatar Sharma, Deputy General Secretary delivered vote of thanks.


Com. K. Vijhayan, PRESIDENT, AIUCBEF, thanked the Reception Committee,  Leadership and Members of UCO Bank of Staff Union, West Bengal ! for their unparallel ,dedicated and praise worthy effort in making the GRAND FINALE of GILDEN JUBILEE OF AIUCBEF a MEGA AND MEMORABLE EVENT. HE concluded with a compliment that Comrades of West Bengal deserve all kudos and red salute for their tireless work that alone made everything possible. Be it reception at the arrival points, be it accommodation, be it Catering, Be it arrangements in the HALL, be it the PROCESSION they proved their capabilities by setting a new bench mark.


Thus the GRAND FINALE of GOLDEN JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS took the shape and stature of a Big Conference. The large presence and participation from various parts of the country demonstrated not only our Strength but also the LOVE, AFFECTION,


LOYALTY   and COMMITMENT that the members have for their FEDERATION. New energy, new enthusiasm, new confidence derived from this shall undoubtedly ensure our onward Journey MORE MEANINGFUL, MORE SUCESSFUL and MORE GLORIOUS.




WITH Heart full of Greetings,


   With Greetings,

Yours comradely,



Inder Paul


Ps:  Graduation Increment to Ex-Servicemen :-


References are being received by us regarding eligibility of 2 additional increments on account of graduation to Ex-servicemen who join the Banks in the clerical cadre.  It is reported that some of the Banks are denying this benefit of two additional increments.  In this regard, we quote herein the IBA’s Circular No. PD/76/589/527 dated 7.3.1983.

Ex-servicemen employed in the public sector banks – grant of increments for graduation


“ Please refer to our circular letter No. PD/76/589/2761 dated 4th September, 1981 on the subject.

The Personnel Committee at its meeting held on 31st January, 1983 considered the question of grant of increments for ex-servicemen who are graduates.

The Personnel Committee recommended as under :-

Ex-servicemen who are graduates may be given increments for graduation under clause 5.2, part II (A) of the Bipartite Settlement dated 19.10.1966 irrespective of the fact whether they had passed graduation before joining the services of the bank or afterwards.  However, if the ex-servicemen had been given some benefit for graduation which was reflected in the pay drawn by him while in the armed services, the fitment in the bank’s scale has to be done as per IBA’s guidelines after withdrawing such additional benefit and thereafter the two increments for graduation must be given.

Please be guided accordingly.”

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